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Mascot Search

The official ASI-led search for Long Beach State’s new mascot.
Submit your idea to be considered by the students!

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Deadline to Submit Your Idea
Friday, March 8, 2019


All submissions that meet these minimum criteria will be reviewed by the Mascot Search Committee, which will be convened by ASI student leaders. If a submission does not meet these minimum requirements the submission chief point of contact will be notified that their submission has been disqualified within 5 business days of their initial submission. This process will end in a recommendation to the university president from ASI student leaders based on a vote by the student body. Though elements of the winning idea(s) might be used to define creative direction for the final mascot, the exact submission may not be used.


The students' search for a new mascot is an inclusive process involving input from students, faculty, staff, alumni and the greater Long Beach community. Soon after the submission deadline, a mascot search committee will be convened by ASI student leaders. The committee will be made up of representatives from the university’s various stakeholder communities and they will work to select the top candidates based on the criteria listed above. After a community input period and once the committee has completed its work, the finalists will be placed on a ballot for a student-wide vote in late-spring.
The vote will result in a final mascot recommendation from Associated Students, Inc. to CSULB President Jane Close Conoley.


Feb 11 - March 8

Mascot Submission Period.


Committee Review Period


Community Polling Period

May 6 - 8

Official Student Vote

May 9

Results Announced.

May/June 2019

Official Recommendation to CSULB President


ASI’s goal is to run a search process that allows for the involvement of the entire community.

  • First, everyone can submit an idea. The only requirements are that they follow the criteria and are a fan of Long Beach State!
  • The submission review process will be made up of community leaders from alumni, athletics, faculty, staff and students. These representatives have been selected by their respective governing boards and will help narrow down the submissions.
  • Once narrowed down, alumni, staff, faculty and community members will get another opportunity to give input.
In spring 2018, the ASI Senate passed a resolution calling for the removal of Prospector Pete as the official CSULB mascot. In fall 2018, and after much consultation with campus partners, CSULB President Jane C. Conoley delivered a message to the CSULB community stating that the campus has “evolved” from Prospector Pete and would “retire” the mascot, while also preserving it historically.
ASI will be holding this process in a four phases.
  • Phase I: Allow for submissions from throughout the community
  • Phase II: Committee of representatives from stakeholders review applications and select top tier options based on the outlined search criteria
  • Phase III: Allow for community input
  • Phase IV: Students hold a 3-day campus-wide vote
At the end of this search, ASI student government leaders will use the results of the process to send an official mascot recommendation to the CSULB president.
No. Alumni can vote during the community poll, but only students will vote on the final referendum.
Almost anyone. Students, alumni, faculty, staff or anyone with an affinity for Long Beach State.
Yes. People can submit individually or as a group.
Potentially, but that is not guaranteed. The winning concept will likely be the inspiration for the final recommendation; however, the university may choose to work with consultants to refine mascot designs and concepts. Additionally, this process will culminate in a recommendation to the university president. Final direction must ultimately come from that office.
The committee will be convened by the ASI president and vice president. It will be a student majority committee and will include representatives from the Long Beach community, athletics, alumni, the academic senate, staff council and university administration.
The term “‘49er” lives on as an informal nickname for anyone affiliated with the university. The term references our founding year, and continues to hold significance as CSULB recognizes its 70th anniversary.