Art gallery opens in USU

"Zone 6 #1" by CSULB alumnus Eric Borja hangs in the USU stairwell between the second and third floors. the USU's ever increasing art collection prompted student leaders to create a gallery inside the building.

By Daniel Van Hoosier, ASI Communications Assistant


The University Student Union will soon be home to a brand new art gallery featuring an array of student work.


USU workers are in the process of turning the former lounge in USU-100 into a full gallery, which is expected to open early in the spring 2013 semester and will display paintings, sculptures and much more.


"Students will have the opportunity to display their art at a well-known location on campus, the University Student Union,” said USU Board of Trustees chair RoseAnn Knight. “This is an important addition to the USU, because it answers the needs of students interested in pursuing a career in art or simply their passions.”


For decades, the USU has housed a permanent art collection featuring student paintings and other pieces displayed throughout the building. Now, however, the stage is set for full displays of student work.


"I personally think having an art gallery on campus is a privilege for us students,” said Jessica Corral, the USU Board of Trustees co-chair. “Students have an opportunity to display their work of art and get appreciated and recognized for their talents for free. Not only do the artists benefit from this, but so do other students. This is a great opportunity where students and visitors can learn, reflect, and be inspired."


Displays in the new gallery will show for weeks at a time and the space will allow artists to show multiple pieces, Allen-Littleton said.


“The addition of an art gallery will allow students to explore and experience a range of art pieces while offering an opportunity to highlight CSULB student exhibits as well as potential visiting artists,” she added.


Associated Students, Inc. Executive Director Richard Haller said he has been hoping to incorporate an art gallery for years.


“Having an art gallery in the USU has long been a dream of mine,” he said.  “It will be a perfect complement to the USU Permanent Art Collection.  I was absolutely thrilled when I heard of this proposal and I’m incredibly proud of the students for coming up with it. As home to the largest publicly funded School of Arts in the country, it is only fitting that our University Student Union feature an art gallery.”


Most of the pieces comprising the permanent art display are two-dimensional. The new gallery will provide the space necessary for larger and three-dimensional art to be exhibited.

In addition to current students, CSULB alumni are encouraged to provide their work for display.


Artists who want to exhibit their work in the USU Art Gallery can contact the Beach Pride Center at (562) 985-2353.