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A message from the ASI President: Advocacy Goes On

A message from the ASI President: Advocacy Goes On

Published: Friday, 6 November 2020

Good morning, Long Beach State,

I’d first like to thank those who registered and voted in this year’s very important election. Your actions are the foundation of our democracy and, as students, our voices continue to evoke the necessary change in our nation. This cycle has elicited strong passions, uncertainty, and anxiety for so many of our students.

On behalf of your student body leaders, I promise that we will remain vigilant in our work to honor our students’ diversity, to ensure equity and to make the policy changes needed to create the vibrant campus community Long Beach State students deserve.

We continue to stand in solidarity with our historically marginalized students and remain committed to enacting change to support them. I want to encourage you to stay involved, stay engaged and stay committed to using your voice to fight for positive change.

At the end of the day, let’s remember we are One Beach – and we are stronger together. Take a moment for your own self-care and check in on a friend, classmate or family member. Your ASI Student Government wants to ensure that students have the resources to prioritize your self-care, and find safe spaces to help you during this unparalleled period. Please see the list of support opportunities below.

In service and partnership,Omar Prudencio GonzalezPresident & CEOAssociated Students, Inc.Long Beach State University

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