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Beach Balance Weekly Programs

Spring 2020


SRWC 203



Title SRWC Time Description
Meditation Monday 5-6PM Take some time for yourself to de-stress and relax through meditation every Monday during Beach Balance hours of operation.
Spa Water Tuesday 10AM-8PM Bring your water bottle for free, fruity-infused iced water!
Art Therapy Tuesday 10AM-8PM De-stress and unleach your creative side with our various coloring pages, paints, markers and even Play-Doh!
Well-Rested Wednesday 10AM-8PM Take a nap in our hammocks in the wellness room where it is dark, air-conditioned and serene.
Thoughtful Thursday 10AM-8PM Take time for yourself and enjoy our various health and wellness books and resources in our Beach Balance Wellness room! This is great time to rest, recharge and reflect.
Free Chair Massage 4-6PM Release some tension with a FREE 5-10 munute chair massage.
Foam Rolling Friday 10AM-6PM Come visit our wellness rooms for a quiet place to strech and use our therapy canes, foam rollers and muscle roller sticks

*Some weekly events are not offered during holidays in the fall and spring semesters. Winter and summer may have reduced offerings.

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