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In his thirty-seven years serving students in the California State University, USU Facility Services Supervisor Bob Weaver has proven to be an incredibly community-oriented, caring and committed colleague and friend. As he approaches retirement, ASI wanted to spotlight Bob’s experience in service with an honorary Essential Piece of the Puzzle.

At the age of nineteen, Bob began working in the facilities department of Associated Students, Inc. at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. His position grew from part-time custodial work to a full-time lead position, and he would later be promoted to a supervising role. Bob found success in providing for student communities. “I mean that’s the bottom line,” he emphasized. “Everything we do, from cleaning the building to set-ups, it’s all for students, student groups and the student population.”

After being offered the position of facility services supervisor for the University Student Union at CSULB, Bob decided to undertake the dramatic transition for his family. Though he had come accustomed to small town living, he felt it was time for a change. “My wife grew up in the Huntington Beach area, her parents lived here, and my kids and I would come down and visit often,” said Weaver. “Everyone was just ready…they wanted to move down here and my wife really wanted to move back home, so that’s what motivated me.”

Bob was also motivated to maintain that sense of community he had worked to build with his former ASI team. He brought those ‘small town’ skills with him and successfully guided a team of both full-time and part-time staff by using mentorship and friendship to build a cohesive unit. “The relationships you gain from this work are incredible. Not just the people you work with directly but the people you work around,” Bob affirmed. “It’s a tight-knit group. That’s motivation.”

Though Bob is looking forward to his retirement, it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing him around from time to time. When asked what he’ll miss most about ASI, Bob replied, “It’s become a second family; that’s honestly what’s kept me between both institutions: a lot of great friendships and lasting memories.”

Thank you for your service Bob, and for being ASI’s true essential piece.

Bob Weaver is retiring this month, Dec. 2016, after serving 11 years with ASI CSULB and 26 years with ASI Cal Poly SLO.