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For almost a decade, Student Media Coordinator Danny Lemos has been cultivating a comprehensive program that puts students first. The thriving ecosystem of 22 West Media is a testament to his success.

After an extensive radio career that began in 1980 and spanned from Los Angeles to San Francisco, Danny brought his talents in music directing, show hosting and producing to KJazz 88.1 at Long Beach State. After that stint, he volunteered for nearly four years with ASI, eventually developing a deep attachment to the campus and student life of LBSU. That’s why the decision to become student media coordinator for ASI was one of the easiest he’s ever had to make.

“This job has everything I could ask for,” Danny explained. “Working with students is so much more rewarding than working in a corporate studio – their creativity and energy is contagious. It’s what makes me get up in the morning!”

But Danny’s expertise goes far beyond the studio. As he described, “I like to focus on each individual student’s success. The best part of my job is watching students’ careers take off upon graduation, but the hardest part is watching them leave.” For Danny, this bittersweet experience is worth the tradeoff. “In the past for years, we’ve had 19 graduating seniors find jobs in less than 2 months. That goes to show how committed our students are and how effective our program is at preparing them for a career.”

When Danny first became student media coordinator, he aimed to turn the organization into a multi-faceted program that enriched the lives of the students it served. Although Union Weekly (Now 22 West Magazine) was fairly disconnected from the Daily 49er and the journalism department at the time of his arrival, all three organizations now work extensively to assist each other in their goals to promote student success campus-wide. This connection is due in large part to the efforts of Danny Lemos, although his modest-nature would say otherwise.

“I credit our success to the amazing support from ASI Executive Director Richard Haller,” he emphasized. “With his support and the creative freedom he has allowed us to have, we’ve been able to expand and turn this program into the booming environment that it is today.” At the end of the day, Danny is proud to be part of a program that gives students an uninhibited voice. “Anybody can walk into our offices, submit an article, start a radio program and have their voice heard. That’s what makes 22 West so different – I let the students lead me, and they always have the final say. The success of student media at LBSU speaks for itself!”

Danny Lemos was awarded the Essential Piece of the Puzzle during the February ASI employee assembly. As a part of ASI’s commitment to uplifting customer service, each month all full-time staff participates and votes in this monthly employee of the month program.