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A week into her new position as USU assistant director of services, ASI veteran Iraida Venegas is enjoying yet another perspective in ASI.

“I love ASI!” she exclaimed. “In twelve years, I’ve never left. I love working with students—they keep me young and challenge me in so many ways, but I always learn and grow from them.”

As assistant director of services, Iraida will engage in oversight of the ASI Beach Pantry, Maxson Student Organization Center, the commercial services areas and the USU building operations program. Iraida will also continue to manage contracts for food and vendor services in the USU and SRWC and will temporarily oversee the SRWC building manager program, SRWC membership & marketing, and ASI Student Media until their respective directors are hired.

“So far, it’s great—my team does an incredible job and they’re all very passionate about being here,” said Iraida. “Obviously, over the years it was stressful when I was trying to figure out different personalities or how to manage different areas, but I thoroughly enjoy what I do.”

Starting with ASI as a student assistant working at the Candy Corner and Games Center, Iraida joined ASI’s full-time staff twelve years ago and has served at many different levels and capacities, including: event coordinator, commercial services coordinator and administration services supervisor, interim associate director of commercial business operations at the SRWC and now in her new position. Needless to say, Iraida has just about done it all!

“I’ve had a lot of growth in ASI because I’ve been so fortunate to move up within the organization, in a sense,” she said. “Doing all these different positions keeps my job from getting boring since there’s always something new going on!”

Throughout her time here, she has had the opportunity to partner and work with countless students and staff that continuously make her job more exciting and enjoyable. To her, the relationships she’s made in these past twelve years have been her biggest reward.

“I’ve grown and learned so much from my colleagues,” she said. “They’re all great leaders, mentors, individuals and students. They’ve been very supportive throughout the years, and the many, many staff I’ve gotten to know have all been amazing, kind and generous people.”

Iraida Venegas was awarded the Essential Piece of the Puzzle during the September ASI employee assembly. As a part of ASI’s commitment to uplifting customer service, each month all full-time staff participates and votes in this monthly employee of the month program.