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Essential Piece of the Puzzle

Picture of Larry Acosta

Having worked for ASI for a whopping 17 years, Interim Maintenance Supervisor Larry Acosta boasts never having a single issue with the organization!

“It’s like a family here—no family is perfect, but this is an absolutely great place to work and I’ve always enjoyed it here,” said Larry.

Starting as a maintenance technician in 2000, Larry worked primarily as facilities maintenance technician before accepting his current role as interim maintenance supervisor. He works primarily for the USU and SRWC but also performs services for the IPCDC and Recycling Center. He regularly leads, directs, assigns, plans and investigates everything that pertains to the structure, repair and maintenance of the building itself.

“Students keep me young!” he exclaims. “I meet folks that are miserable at their jobs and I tell them that this is the place to be.”

Larry himself never attended CSULB, although he has two daughters that have graduated from the Beach. He is excited by the massive number of students he services on a daily basis with his work, as well as the expertise exhibited by his colleagues.

“I not only appreciate everyone’s support, but also the skills and expertise they’ve shared with me along the way,” said Larry. “I can’t earn the essential piece of the puzzle myself—it takes everybody working with me, providing me opportunities, skills and knowledge, and standing atop of the shoulders of those around me.”

In April 2017, Larry will be celebrating 17 years with ASI—17 years full of hard work and history with other brilliant staff and students.

“Thank you for the years and opportunity that you’ve afforded me here,” said Larry. “I often think of all the great minds I’ve come across here in my work, from students to staff members. It’s amazing.”

Larry Acosta was voted to receive the Essential Piece of the Puzzle award by ASI full-time staff. This award recognizes the exceptional and essential work performed by full-time staff members within ASI. It is awarded monthly.