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If anyone knows what it means to find family in the workplace, it’s Sabrina Ware. The current Beach Pride Events coordinator and former event coordinator for USU Conference and Events Center was welcomed into the ASI family as a student, and has since enjoyed building and strengthening relationships on campus.

Sabrina started with ASI Beach Pride Events in fall 2012, when she became heavily involved in event programming and student government. For her, Beach Pride Events was a space to develop professionally and in her leadership. After graduating in communications studies last spring, she decided to pursue full-time employment with ASI.

“Beach Pride Events is my family and was a place for me to call home on campus,” she said. “I enjoyed putting on events and being involved with the campus community so much, in fact, that I decided to find a way to continue my time here with the campus.”

As the events coordinator, Sabrina coordinates reservations within the USU and assists student organizations in the planning and execution of their events. She has a hand in all the student conferences, campus department events and many more programs that happen within the USU—and she helps to keep the building operating successfully.

“I love working with students. I see my job as an opportunity to build myself into the ASI family permanently!” she exclaimed. “I enjoy building new relationships, strengthening old ones and working with students. As a recent grad, I can relate to them and have a fresh perspective on improvements we can make.”

For Sabrina, seeing her ideas come to life is an extremely rewarding process. She appreciates all her colleagues who she attributed with supporting and believing in her along the way.

“We are one big family—from the moment you step on as a student to the time you leave,” she said. “ASI works as one cohesive unit that helps everyone else thrive in their respective areas, and we can’t have one area without another. We’re so connected, which is why we get to experience lasting, family-like relationships.”

Sabrina Ware was awarded the Essential Piece of the Puzzle during the January 2019 & September 2017 ASI employee assemblies. As a part of ASI’s commitment to uplifting customer service, each month all full-time staff participates and votes in this monthly employee of the month program.