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Welcome to the 2022 ASI Elections page; your complete resource for information, important dates, position descriptions, candidate statements and to apply.

Since 1956, LBSU students have been participating in the ASI Elections process, ultimately providing the next round of leaders to advocate on their behalf. Elections and Student Governance remain at the heart of Associated Students and continues to drive our motto of "Keeping Students First."

Whether you are here as an applicant or a voter, we hope that you find this page useful. If you have any questions, please submit them here: asi-elections@csulb.edu.

Happy Voting!

ASI Government Elections Officer

Elected Officers

Isaac Julian
Isaac Julian Winner
2,450 Votes | 54%

Hello, my name is Isaac Julian, and I am a Mexican American first-generation student who is double majoring in Political Science and English Composition & Rhetoric.

You can catch me binging Netflix, traveling, and hanging out with friends. I’ve been in ASI for 2 years, currently serving as a Senator-at-Large and previously as the Academic Affairs Officer. I am running for ASI President with 9 other passionate student leaders as part of #ReunitingtheBeach because I’ve always believed in uplifting the underrepresented, and I strive to prioritize the interests and needs of the student body in all that I do. My accomplishments include bringing the defeat of the +/- grading policy via distributing a survey to the student body whereby 95% of 10K student voters were dead set against the +/- grading. I can assure you that the student voice will always be heard in my administration.

Diamond Byrd
Diamond Byrd Winner
3,421 Votes | 76%

My name is Diamond Byrd and I am a graduate student in my Master of Social Work program with a career goal is to work in higher education and support marginalized communities navigate the higher education system.

During Fall 2021, I became part of the new founding board to revamp the Black Business Student Association, an organization that was dormant from campus for at least 5 years. Within BBSA, I have become the Social Chair Director and enjoy bringing my energy and love to increase the sense of belonging to students through virtual and in person events. Another population important to me as a student veteran is the military-connected population. Understanding the challenges student veterans and the military-connected community face, I became the Commissioner of Veterans Affairs and have greatly enjoyed serving this community through social events, advocacy, and other outlets to enhance the college experience. I look forward serving.

Mitali Jain
Mitali Jain Winner
2,862 Votes | 63%

My name is Mitali Jain and I’m a first-generation, Indian-American student who is in the College of CHHS.

I struggled with locating my path regarding my goals and ambitions in college. However, I knew I had a passion for advocating for others, so I joined Beach Team during my first semester here. Through that, I enhanced my leadership skills and received professional development training. I joined the USU Board of Trustees the following semester and became a Trustee-at-Large. I was re-elected for the USU Board of Trustees, Chair position. I am responsible for formulating and recommending policies regarding all aspects of USU and the SRWC operations and recommending the annual budget, which is around 17 million dollars of the USU to the A.S. Senate. Notably, I serve as a voting member on the Student Fee Advisory Committee, Beach Pride Events Executive Board and serve as a president’s ambassador.

Teresa Falcon Winner

Hello CSULB! I am Teresa Falcon and I currently serve as a Senator At-Large.

Being in Beach Team, I was able to learn insights on student government which allowed me to properly represent the student body. As a part of the Hispanic community, I want to continue advocating for all minorities and include everyone in the conversation. During my time, I worked with my fellow senators to bring awareness to various issues around campus. This semester I also had the privilege of collaborating in drafting a proposal that affirms the campus’ support of the LGBTQ+ community. Additionally, I am currently working with the director of Beach Pantry to provide students meals, while addressing the issue of wasted food at the dining halls. Aside from my involvement on campus, I enjoy hanging out with friends, bingewatching T.V. shows, and spending time with my two adorable dogs.

Verena Mikhail Winner

My name is Verena Mikhail and I am a fourth year Molecular Cell Biology and Physiology major with a minor in Chemistry.

I was also recently accepted to the Masters of Healthcare Administration program here at CSULB. I am very active on campus and serve in several leadership capacities on campus as a President Ambassador, Co-President of the Pre-Dental club, Student Health and Wellness committee board member, Step-into-STEM mentor, as well as a student academic support coach. I am pursuing a career in healthcare to give back to my community and empower others and equip others. By being an ASI senator, I will have the opportunity to serve our student body and provide a voice to our students.

Fidel Vasquez Winner

My name is Fidel Vasquez. I am a second year Political Science and Economics major at CSULB.

I love outdoor activities such as running, playing soccer, and going on road trips! From a young age, I was taught to help others by my grandparents who came to this country from Mexico. Therefore, service and my interest of government led me to be involved in multiple political campaigns and the Political Science Student Association as a student. I was recently elected to serve students as a Senator-at-Large. I currently sit on the Academic Appeals and the Parking and Transportation Committees, acting as a voice for students. There are many impactful projects I would like to continue working on and ideas I have yet to bring forward. I hope to continue serving as a Senator-at-Large! I am determined to uplift others and give back to students because it is my passion.

Alejandro Rojas Winner

Hi Beach family! My name is Alejandro Rojas, I just transferred to CSULB last fall and I’m majoring in Political Science!

I'm a first gen student, born and raised in East LA and I strive to be the change that I want to see. I believe that everyone of us has the potential to lead and cause a positive impact into our world. Throughout my life I’ve worked with my community along with communities around me, I’ve volunteered through many elections and I’ve worked for non profit, building connections and seeing the world in all perspectives has been a big part of life, as well as advocating for mental health awareness and helping our environment, I enjoy being able to help people, I want to continue to be of service for my fellow peers as Senator at Large.

Jeremy Ramos Winner

Hello Everyone, My Name is Jeremy Ramos and I'm currently a Liberal Studies Major and first generation student.

As a Transfer Student, I attended Cerritos College and became Involved in Student Government, Clubs and Organization, Volunteering at Food Banks and Making a difference to the campus and community. I love to help anyone that needs assistance as I want to make each student goes within their journey and have a good future ahead of them.

Samantha Schoner Winner

Hello everyone, My name is Samantha Schoner, I am a transfer student in my junior year here at CSULB.

Some of you might have seen me on campus with my fur friend Weston who is essential to helping with the everyday stress of campus life. During my educational journey I have had to overcome personal obstacles to get to where I am today from being a single mom, having a learning disability and dealing with the everyday wear and tear of mental health. I can clearly say that my accomplishments may not look like the average standing student, but more of obstacles that make me a part of the struggling society that we stand in. Breaking through every statistical factor that should be my life, but won’t because all you need is determination that never falters. I want to be the change that hardly few get to have.

Akshay Ramesh Waghmare
Akshay Ramesh Waghmare Winner

Hello Sharks, I am Akshay Waghmare. I am currently a M.S student in computer science.

My hobbies include playing tennis, hiking, and reading books. I have previously worked in Infosys Limited and Simplify Healthcare as software developer. I have also worked at SOAR where I was responsible for giving orientation and campus tours to the new incoming students.I am currently working with student health services as a health ambassador on campus where I assist with health related program information on priority college health topics that significantly impact student wellness and success. Also my duty includes to increase student awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle by acting as a role model for healthy living and encouraging students to integrate health related information into their personal lives.

Newton Bao Winner

Hi, my name is Newton Bao and I am currently a fourth year majoring in Computer Science.

My experience in student government includes regulating the services as well as campus relations in the University Student Union and Student Recreation Center as the USU Board of Trustees At-Large in 2021-2022. In this time, I was able to contribute to establishing new and previous contracts with food vendors such as Shake Smart. Outside of school, my skills of communication and leadership have extended to a variety of internships that I have maintained simultaneously while running as Board of Trustee At-Large, in departments ranging from Information Technology to Supply Chain.

Mariel Carrasco Winner
381 Votes | 100%

Hello! My name is Mariel Carrasco and my pronouns are she/her. I am currently a third-year majoring in Studio Arts.

I love keeping myself busy with different activities and experiencing new things. I also enjoy basketball and different art related activities. I try to get to know new people and be more open towards others. Coming back to campus has made me realize that many students haven’t had the chance to experience school in a positive way. To me, it is important to make sure people feel proud and comfortable here at CSULB and I plan on working towards that.

Daniel Rodriguez Winner
534 Votes | 100%

Hello Student Body, I, Daniel Rodriguez, am a senior who transferred from Glendale Community College in Spring 2021.

I have held leadership positions both in the working world and throughout my educational career. Furthermore I believe it is within my capabilities to adequately address issues affecting the student body in the college of business as well as cooperate with the senate as a team to improve the experience of the student life at CSULB.

Jocelyn Peña Winner
811 Votes | 100%

My name is Jocelyn Peña, a first-generation third-year student. I am majoring in Health Science-Community Health Concentration.

I am running to be the Senator of the College of Health and Human Services. It would be a privilege to be able to serve The Beach community by being part of student government. I am a determined student who strives to serve my community to the best of my ability. I am currently involved in my major-related associations and a CSULB President Ambassador. I am running to be able to help as many students to have access to resources that as a student would have helped me to explore different majors and career paths. I am excited to be able to be more involved on campus and serve as a resource to all. Thank you!

Nidhin Varghese Winner
258 Votes | 100%

Hello Sharks, My name is Nidhin (nih-dean). I am currently taking pre-requisite classes for admission into the Single Subject Teaching Credential Program.

I moved to the United States from India with my family at the age of 12. As a first-generation immigrant with working class roots, I see part of my identity reflected in the student body at Cal State Long Beach. I arrived at CSULB in the Spring of 2017 as a transfer student from Cerritos College. I completed my Bachelors in Psychology with a minor in Sociology in 2018. I have 2 years of experience working in the field of mental health. I am passionate about social justice initiatives such as immigrant & refugee rights, making voting and political representation accessible to communities of color, eliminating disparities in education, destigmatizing mental health. My hobbies include reading, hiking, watching Netflix, fitness & exploring cool spots around town.

Dhrumil Shah
Dhrumil Shah Winner
686 Votes | 100%

I am Dhrumil Shah, 29 years young from Mumbai, India pursuing my Masters of Science in Computer Science, started in Fall '21.

I have completed my bachelors in Computer Engineering from the University of Mumbai in 2015. Back then I served in Core Committee as Jt. Treasurer in Computer Society of India KJSIEIT Student Chapter 2013, Sub Core Committee Student Council KJSIEIT 2014, had collectively managed the budget, organized the events, and led the team of subordinate committee members during our Annual Techncial and Cultural festivals. I was associated with a local school administered by Non Governmental Organization named Akanksha as a Mathematics Tutor. I also have been a Theatre enthusiast and have acted in Annual Cultural Festival. Since completion of my bachelors degree, I have been working for more than six years in Accenture, one of the Fortune 500 companies and other market leaders in IT consulting like Capgemini.

Calendar Spring 2022

January 24
Filing Opens Online
(Jan. 24-Feb. 18)
ASI Elections Site 9AM
February 1
Elections Informational Session Zoom
Meeting Id: 843 2427 5238
February 2
Elections Informational Session Zoom
Meeting Id: 843 2427 5238
February 7
Elections Informational Session Zoom
Meeting Id: 843 2427 5238
February 10
Elections Informational Session Zoom
Meeting Id: 843 2427 5238
February 15
Elections Kick-Off Event USU Southwest Terrace 11AM-2PM
February 18
Filing Closes
(Platforms must be submitted with application)
ASI Elections Site 5PM
February 21
Filing Re-Opens for Unfilled Positions Online* ASI Elections Site 9AM
February 25
Filing for Unfilled Positions Closes*
(Platforms must be submitted with application)
ASI Elections Site 5PM
March 2
Mandatory Candidate Meeting**
($50 deposit due)
(Approval for campaign materials by Govt. Office begins after completion of meeting)
USU 304 12:30-2PM
March 3
Mandatory Candidate Meeting**
($50 deposit due)
(Approval for campaign materials by Govt. Office begins after completion of meeting)
USU 304 12:30-2PM
March 7
Campaigning Begins for General Elections Campus At Large
March 9
Coffee with the Candidates Outside bookstore 11:30AM-1PM
March 10
Coffee with the Candidates Outside bookstore 11:30AM-1PM
March 14-16 Online Elections Online 12:01AM-12 Midnight
March 14
Get Out the Vote Booth Beach Circle (COB) 11AM-2PM
March 15
Get Out the Vote Booth SRWC 4-6PM
March 16
Get Out the Vote Booth USU Southwest Terrace 11AM-2PM
March 17
Elections Reveal Party USU South Plaza 12-1:30PM
March 21-23 Campaigning for Run-Off Elections
(If necessary)
Campus At Large
March 21-23 Online Run-Off Elections
(If necessary)
Online 12:01AM-12 Midnight
March 24
Election Run-Off Results Announced
(If necessary)
Farber Senate Chambers (USU-234) 12PM
May 26
ASI Awards and Officer Installation Banquet
(MANDATORY for Elected Officers)

*Unfilled Positions: those positions that do not have a minimum number of applicants. All other positions are closed.

**Mandatory Candidates Meeting: Candidates must attend one out of the four meetings to be officially recognized as a candidate and campaign (or send a representative with 24 hours prior notice to the GEO). Photo for voter guide and ballot will be taken at this meeting (There will be no makeup sessions for your photo). No attendance = automatic disqualification.

Starter Pack

Interested in running for a 2022 Student Government office? Here are a few steps to apply:

  1. Access resources within the 2022 ASI Elections Packet here.

Docs & Forms

The documents and forms listed below are intended to be a resource for candidates, campaign workers and the student body at large throughout the ASI election process.


To be deemed academically eligible for any position in the Associated Students, the student officer must hold a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 and meet the university requirements for holding office stated in the current edition of CSULB Campus Regulations. The ASI Assistant Director for Government Affairs and Initiatives will be responsible for forwarding names of individuals who are currently holding or seeking to hold any position in the Associated Students to the Office of the Dean of Students for eligibility inquiry.

The time commitment for each position varies. Please refer to the job descriptions for more details. However, all student government positions are awarded a scholarship for their service. Please refer to the ASI Policy on Student Government Scholarships for more information.

Candidates who are running for office have the option to expend funds to support their campaign efforts. You are not expected to spend any money for campaigning. This is based on your personal decision. If candidates decide to spend money for their campaign, ASI does ask that candidates sign and follow the voluntary campaign spending limit pledge.
  • $750 for candidates for executive offices
  • $500 for candidates for other university-wide positions
  • $250 for candidates for other college-level positions
There are detailed requirements outlined in the ASI Elections Handbook regarding campaigning, campaign expenditures and reporting. It is important you follow all requirements. It is the candidate’s responsibility to submit a Campaign Income & Expense Record even if they did not spend any money on campaigning.

To run for a College seat, you must have declared a major in that particular college when you submit your application. If University records show that you are still majoring in Journalism, you cannot run for the College of Business seat and must instead run for the College of Liberal Arts seat or Senator-at-Large.

The digital elections packet can be found here on the ASI Elections Site. While filling out the application, be sure to include all required documentation. Applications without the required documents will be considered incomplete.

Candidates will be listed on the first day of campaigning here.

You will be able to vote online from 12am on March 14th through 11:59pm on March 16th.
  • You will be able to vote online from 12am on March 14th through 11:59pm on March 16th.
  • You will be able to vote online from 12am on March 14th through 11:59pm on March 16th.
  • Open and read the email Click on the link that says “CLICK HERE”
  • If the link doesn’t work, go to URL address provided in the email and enter your username and password, also provided in the email.
  • Read the Welcome Page and click on the “PROCEED” button.
  • Start voting! Just click on the box next to the candidates or responses of your choice, and then click “Submit Vote.” ONCE YOU CLICK ON “SUBMIT VOTE,” YOUR VOTE IS RECORDED AND CANNOT BE CHANGED
  • If you don’t want to vote in a particular race, click on “Skip this Poll”
  • If you want to vote in a race that you previously skipped, locate the poll you skipped, then cast your vote.
  • If you did not receive the email, or are having trouble online, please email asi-elections@csulb.edu. Include your name, student ID# and a brief description of the issue. Someone will contact you to help resolve the issue.

Any computer or phone that can access your CSULB student email account can be used for voting.

If you did not receive an email to vote, please check your spam folder. Locate the email from “Associated Students, Inc.” with the Subject Line “2022 ASI Election.” Click “Not Junk.” If this doesn’t work, or if you cannot locate the email in your spam folder, please email asi-elections@csulb.edu. Include your name, student ID# and a brief description of the issue. Someone will contact you to help resolve the issue.

If you cannot open the email to vote, please email asi-elections@csulb.edu. Include your name, student ID# and a brief description of the issue. Someone will contact you to help resolve the issue.

The election results will be announced after the polls close at the Elections Reveal on Thursday, March 17th at 12pm on ASI’s Instagram Live. You will also be able to find the results on the ASI Student Government Website www.asicsulb.org/gov/.