KBeach Media Kits bannerKbeach logo: KBeach Radio is a student-run-and-programmed, state-of-the art radio station that currently broadcasts on the internet and hybrid digital (OFDM Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access) radio. The station has been primarily a space for music appreciation and as an optional use, a means to gain practical experience in various music industry functions
Union Weekly Media Kits bannerUnion Weekly logo, The Union Weekly has been a state of the Cal State Long Beach campus since its inception in 1977, when it was formed to be a paper that is run by the students
College Beat TV logo, College Beat Production is a student-run production company that produces weekly shows, including: Beach Week, Game Time and the Wire; as well as a variety of media videos for ASI and the campus community. College Beat produces hands-on learning experience in video production and profession development informs students about issues affecting the campus community