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The Associated Students Recycling Center
at CSULB is an award-winning, state-certified drop-off facility and redemption center. It manages beverage container and University Student Union recycling, and provides a convenient location where students and community members can donate recyclable materials and redeem their CA Redemption Value beverage containers.


The Recycling Center
is located at the northwest point of the campus at 5800 Atherton Street, across the parking lot from the Walter Pyramid. The Recycling Center consists of an elevated circular drive-up ramp, sunken containment area for roll-off collection bins, and a materials handling/storage yard.

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Mailing Address:
Associated Students, Inc. Recycling Center
California State University, Long Beach
1212 Bellflower Boulevard, Suite 220
Long Beach, CA 90815


Lee Johnson, Recycling Coordinator

(562) 985-5461