2017-18 ASI Elections Results

President: Daniel Gomez
Vice President: Joe Nino
Treasurer: Jonathan Wanless
College of the Arts:
Sofia Musman and Alice Giba
College of Business Administration:
Fatin Al Busaidi and Lauren Rhea
College of Engineering:
Jordan Doering and Abhishek Manjulagodu Basavanna
College of Health & Human Services:
Leen Almahdi and Courtney Yamagiwa
College of Liberal Arts:
Melissa Mejia and Jeffrey Revello
College of Natural Science & Math:
Alexis Sorensen and Philip Spektor
Senators-at-Large: Yasmeen Azam, Danielle Carancho, Ricky Contreras, Isaac Da Silva, Hilda Jurado and Alex Trimm
Academic Senator: Aamna Akhtar
USU Board of Trustees: Maritess Anne Inieto, Brian Sath, Stephanie Torres, Sarah Forde and Nhan Tran

Keeping Sstudents First

The Associated Students Government Envisions

A student body engaged with the Associated Students and its programs, services and facilities.

Student representatives who actively seek the opinions, concerns, and participation of all students at California State University, Long Beach.

A student electorate who expects its representatives to take a student-centered approach using creative tactics to communicate with students on a face-to-face basis.