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Mitali Jain

Mitali Jain is a fourth-year undergraduate student majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics. She is a visionary leader dedicated to creating a brighter future for the organization, community and beyond. With a relentless commitment to excellence and a strong sense of integrity, she is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for all. As the President of ASI, Jain brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of needs of the LBSU community.

Jain started her journey with ASI during her freshman year by joining Beach Team. After Beach Team, she served as Trustee At-Large for one semester and then came back to University Student Union Board of Trustees (now known as URECBOT) as the chair. She then became ASI Vice President of Finance and ran again in the 2023 elections for President.

Jain has an impressive history of leading successful projects that have made a significant impact on enhancing the student experience at LBSU. Her track record demonstrates her ability to drive initiatives that deliver tangible results. Notably, she has spearheaded several initiatives, including the successful establishment of Shake Smart on campus, Southland Credit Union and the ASI Beach Kitchen.

During her tenure as ASI Vice President of Finance, Jain demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in bringing about crucial policy changes pertaining to student organizations grants, guaranteeing more access and equity. Furthermore, she played an instrumental role in creating a pilot program for free bus passes, making transportation more accessible and affordable for students.

As the ASI President, Jain is ready to lead with integrity, resilience and a genuine desire to make a difference. Jain’s presidency will be characterized by creating a community that thrives on collaboration and unwavering dedication to the organization’s mission and values of “Keeping Students First.”