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Hello Voters!

It’s time to vote! The 2021 ASI Elections are in full swing. Don’t know who to vote for? No worries! ASI is hosting a virtual Meet the Candidates event on Wednesday, March 3rd from 5:00 to 6:15 p.m., as well as, a virtual Presidential Candidates Debate moderated by the Cal State Forensics Team on Thursday, March 11th, from 5:00 to 5:45 p.m. I strongly encourage you to join us for these two events so that you can get to know the candidates and learn about their vision and goals for the upcoming year. If you would like to submit a question for us to ask, the candidates click here.

Voting will begin at 12 a.m. on Monday, March 15 and end at 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, March 17. The link to cast your vote will be sent to your CSULB student email. Please make sure and check both your inbox and junk mail folders for the 2021 ASI Elections email. It is our right as a student to vote for our next student leadership, please don’t miss out on this opportunity!

The election results will be announced at 12 p.m. on Thursday, March 18 on ASI’s Instagram Live hosted by me! For more details check out the calendar below.
If you have any questions, please email me at

Happy Voting!

Helen Rodriguez
ASI Government Elections Officer

2021 Candidates

Candidate Details

Jesus Gonzalez

As a first-generation and undocumented college student, I have personally experienced how self-advocacy and community support is necessary for the academic success and overall well-being of underrepresented students.

Shayan Hashemi

The first real 12 years of my life, 6-18, I spent growing up as a Taekwondo fighter. My dream was to be an Olympian. I competed on stages all over the world.

Candidate Question & Answers

If elected, I plan on expanding access and removing as many barriers as possible in ASI for all students to have an opportunity to serve in a leadership role. I will also support other student organizations by advocating for the creation of mentorship programs or other resources to help them grow. Additionally, I aim towards creating a sense of belonging for every student on our campus by providing an inclusive environment where students feel valued, safe and respected.

If I am elected, I bring the understanding of leadership, change and the philosophy of value to our students. Leadership is much more than being in a position of power. A leader’s job is to ensure that their followers have everything they need to achieve their objectives. The president’s followers are the students. The students are the real heroes and are the ones that will be using their powers to change the world for the better. My primary mission will be to act as a supporting role and to build and fix the necessary infrastructure so they may succeed.
Value is the one of the most important ideas that I, being a business major, understand. Initiatives that I will support, or lead will be ones in which value is brought to the education of students.

The current issues that are affecting students in the CSU system include, the lack of support during the COVID-19 pandemic, the opposition to provide credit/no credit grading options for the whole semester, the possible tuition increase that can have a negative impact on all students especially low-income students and undocumented students, and the creation of housing for low-income students on campus. I plan on informing the student body of these issues through social media campaigns, informational events, and open forums to meet with campus organizations.

Some of the issues affecting the CSU system include

  1. Access to housing, wellness resources and food
  2. The lack of equal access to the university
  3. Issues around inclusive civic engagement

These issues, and further issues affecting the CSU systems will be brought to the public’s attention through board of outreach that I will establish. Depending on what the educational environment is, the board of outreach will determine the best median of informing the public whether that be through newsletters, posters, meetings, or through speaking at events.

In order to bring student issues and concerns to the attention of university administrators I plan on creating surveys for students in regard to each topic. I will use the survey to support my advocacy and to be prepared when meeting with administrators in the Division of Student Affairs, including Vice President Lessen, President Conoley, the Provost and the Dean of Students. After the meetings conclude, reports will be conducted with ASI and students, so everyone is aware of the conversations during these meetings.

The campus administration is busy, and it must be understood that they must prioritize. The best way we can get things across to them is to ensure that solving the issues become a priority to them. Our voice is powerful. To become a priority, I will unite the students and other interest groups on the issues thus making it impossible to not hear us.

Candidate Details

Lindsay Apaza

Hey Sharks! My name is Lindsay Apaza, and I’m running for ASI Vice President. I’m pursuing a degree in Political Science and a minor in Africana Studies. As Vice President, I would be determined to create more diversity in the colleges among faculty, staff and administration.

Candidate Question & Answers

I would like to help establish a peer mentoring program specifically for students who are undeclared or undecided with their majors. This program would help guide these students find their true passion and decide on an academic career path. Because I am a part of EOP, I have received excellent resources to help me succeed, such as emotional support and counseling. Students facing uncertainty about their academic path need guidance and resources and a peer mentoring program can help. I also believe that physical, mental, and spiritual wellness are pivotal to our success at the beach! I think there can be improvements in resources that focus on student wellness and health, especially now during uncertain times. If elected, I would advocate for student access to more CAPS sessions.

I would describe LBSU’s current campus climate as one we have never experienced before with the transition to online instruction. There is a disconnect between professors and students and this influences a student’s emotional well being as well as their academic performance. There have been many challenges on students and faculty to maintain a successful transition, therefore improvements are needed. One important goal is to encourage zoom training or “tours” with faculty and staff so that all zoom operations are familiar and instruction can become easier and smoother for both students and professors. I would like to advocate for academic and wellness workshops that cover a variety of topics to better aid our students to succeed in classes while minimizing the stress from our newfound situation.

It is important to me for the Board of Directors/Senate to feel respected and comfortable in expressing their opinions and concerns. To maintain a safe environment and create positive working relationships, I will adhere to our core values of integrity and commitment to our student body. That is why appreciation must be shown to the board, because I will be working with individuals who want the best for all students on campus. So being a team player, listening and understanding to others opinions, creating lots of dialogue, creating a safe environment where everyone can voice their opinion and most importantly having a non judgemental attitude are vital to making a positive and productive work environment.

Candidate Details

Anthony Regina

My name is Anthony Regina, I am openly LGBTQ+, pronouns are he/him, and I am a sophomore at CSULB majoring in Political Science and History. I am the son of immigrant parents from Mexico,born and raised in South LA.

Karen Galindo

My name is Karen Galindo and I’m proud to be a first-generation student attending CSULB. I am very family oriented with strong ties to my community. I was born in Paramount but raised in the city of Bellflower.

Aquila Jacquette

My name is Aquila Jacquette and I am running to be your Senate representative for the College of Business. I am a transfer student from Long Beach City College, currently a Junior majoring in Accountancy.

Jose Raya Perez

Hello, my name is Jose Raya Perez. I am a second year studying Business Administration Management. Pre-Covid I was working as an accountant at Marathon Petroleum where I overseen and assisted 3 facilities with accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Martin Pelayo

Hi everyone! My name is Martin Pelayo and I am a candidate for the 2021-2022 Senator of the College of Business. I’ve dealt with many leadership roles in my life such as baseball club team captain, lead community service activities in middle school...

Millaray Ramirez

As a first generation student, I believe in advocating to defeat the systematic barriers that exist for students through the many obstacles seen within higher education.

Salvador Peregrina

As a first generation student and son of immigrants I believe in serving all students of marginalized communities. I believe in creating inclusive spaces on this campus so everyone feels safe and welcomed.

Shelbi Felter

Hello, my name is Shelbi Felter. This is my second year here at CSULB, i am completing my Multiple subject teaching credential program and hope to also complete my Masters in Early Childhood Education here as well.

Candidate Question & Answers

As a leader, I bring commitment and service that will help me work with the student body. I am a person who puts the self-interest of others before mine, so my selflessness would allow me to put the needs of the student body first before mine. I also bring resilience, I always keep the end goal in mind, and work to ensure that the goal is met, and one of those goals is to promote growth and make an impact.

If elected, I plan to improve student engagement and involvement by giving other students the chance to express their concerns. Giving others the platform to express their feelings is something that I think is important for this positions. Encouraging others is also something that I can bring to this position that promotes growth to the students around me.

If elected back to the Senate, I will embrace my position as a student leader, I will make sure to use my outgoing personality to gather as much information from students as much as possible. I am part of many organizations and communities on campus which i believe helps me understand and relate to our population easier.

If elected for my second term, I will strive further to keep my promise of being not only an effective leader, but also an advocate for all students throughout different barriers. In order to ensure that my fellow peers are guiding their own paths to success, I promise to advocate and fight for the needs that all students have. My goal of pushing for further resources and balanced goals correspond to the involvement of speaking with faculty and staff therefore building bridges for a higher success rate. As a leader, I hope to create an environment adequate for every single student here at the beach, together leading the way creating a better future for tomorrow.

If elected for my second term, I promise to focus on not only being an effective leader within my college, but also ensuring that my fellow peers are leading their own path as well. My goal is to give a voice to students that are not heard and to ensure this I will continue to reach out to staff and faculty on campus. As a leader, I will create an environment in which everyone is seen, heard, and valued. I aim to be selfless and to work with all students, not just on my behalf.

As an individual I have always wanted to see those around me thrive and I have offered my assistance in any way I can to make that a possibility. For students I would offer my help personally where I am able to and direct them to resources where I cannot personally help.

If I were to get the blessing of being elected, I would begin working right away to begin my projects within ASI, so no time will be lost, and my goal being to have my project rollout its test phases Spring-22. In order to promote growth for students, I will work closely with the Dean, Professors, and Directors of the Business Program as well as being actively involved within student orgs in Business to help and aid students to have better experiences in their academics.

IF I were to become a Senator of the COB, I would bring a positive attitude into the board. I would lead meetings and motions and be the head of resolving all current issues within our community. I will always make sure my peers keep their heads up and never lose focus on what’s at task.

One issue that needs to be addressed is mental health. Especially during the pandemic, a lot of students are stressing and worrying about class, and even though there are resources students could utilize to help with that like CAPs, I feel like it is still not enough. I think we should increase the amount of CAP counselors that are part of CAPS and increase the number of drop-ins available in CAPS. If I were to be Senator-at-Large, I will create a resolution that would allow for the university to increase the amount of CAP counselors, in addition, I would like to work with the different colleges to have their own counselors, so that when a student needs someone to talk to they can go to their prospective college.

Current issues within the long beach community that I think should be addressed would have to be the tuition cost, the grading option, and not being motivated because of the pandemic. This pandemic has affected us in different ways and I think that these issues have raised some concerns with CSULB students. Tuition cost is already a problem with many students, especially if it increases. The stress and responsibilities of this pandemic have caused students to struggle in classes and may seek the credit/no credit option. Students may also feel unmotivated to attend school and may also struggle to finish this semester. I plan to bring awareness to these issues by engaging in student organizations and providing solutions/alternatives.

Since we have been online, our school is missing a lot of human interaction. In my position, i hope to promote these relationships by expanding social media and helping organizations in planning more virtual events.

It is not a surprise that LBSU faces different issues within different pillars of the student body. A major issue that resonates with me is the lack of scholarly opportunities for the undocumented community on campus. If given the opportunity to complete a second term, I will continue to expand the scholarship program that I have created with the help of the Dream Success Center, in order to guarantee funding and financial support for fellow undocumented students. Another issue that draws my concern is the lack of cultural diversity within faculty, staff, and students. Working alongside the Campus Climate Committee will ensure that I advocate for an increase in the black student population and retention, as well as hiring and retaining people of color in faculty and administrative positions that benefit the campus as a whole.

Some previous issues within the LBSU student body is the lack of opportunities for the undocumented community on campus. As the previous senator for the College of Liberal Arts, I planned on creating a scholarship opportunity for the community and if re-elected I plan on expanding on this opportunity and to keep working alongside the Dream Success Center to ensure that this goal is made possible. Another issue that needs to be addressed is the lack of awareness for mental health. A lot of times the mental health of students is not taken into account and as a result, many students falter in their school work. In order to bring light into this issue, I will work alongside the Dean of the College, David Wallace to make sure that students feel welcomed on campus.

I feel that the most outstanding issue currently is how to support students during this pandemic. Normalcy has been snatched away and we all have a need to build a new normal that goes beyond academia.
I would like to see surveys performed so that we are able to present the administration with exact information on where students are struggling during this time.
Even with the vaccine’s arrival and the possibility of cases lowering, there are still residual effects of what we are experiencing right now.

Response to recent problems in the world hasn’t been correctly addressed, I intend to help my peers find ways we can help misrepresented students.

Some current issues I would change are the communication forms from the senate to the students. I will personally reach out to the students who have ideas and want representation. I would address this to the board and make sure I introduce a plan to make sure we meet with the students much more often.

One thing I will be committed to if I were to be Senator-at-Large is to hear the students' opinion. I would promote awareness of Student Government’s role and encourage student engagement by releasing resolutions that are being introduced and explain to them about the resolution. In addition, before I vote on a resolution, I would want to hear the student’s opinion through a survey and see how they would vote and based on what the majority of the student body say, I would vote that way. In addition, I will promote any events from ASI through the use of my social media accounts and encourage everybody to attend those events. Also, maybe releasing weekly statements on things that happened that week and things that would be coming up soon, in order to keep the student body informed.

I would promote awareness of the student government's role by informing students of their importance. I would say that their issues are our priority and will listen to their issues/concerns. I would encourage student engagement by joining campaigns or student organizations that will contribute to student involvement.

Engagement is a huge part of student government and life in general. Although many students have been shying away from getting involve due mainly to zoom fatigue. I hope to show my college and the school that being a student leader, in any capacity, is very important. I believe as we work to getting back on campus safely, students will become more engaged and take on more roles.

Social Media has been a very influential aspect within my life and I’m sure others can agree so themselves. On a larger scale, Social Media plays a large factor in which I promise to inform and educate my fellow peers more about ASI as a whole. In my first term, I successfully worked alongside the College of Liberal Arts Social Media team to help create ASI Awareness Week to inform every single student about the ASI organization and all its fundamental functions. If re-elected, I promise to devote more time on forwarding the knowledge I have learned from previously working with ASI and plan on focusing on a plan I aspire to propose, that being "Meet the Senators". In order to ensure that every individual on campus is heard and their concerns are being resolved, together we can make The Beach a beautiful place.

Social media takes a big part in everyone’s daily life and will use this to my advantage in order to ensure that the student population is aware of what student government is and what they do. As the previous senator for the College of Liberal Arts, I worked alongside the College of Liberal Arts social media team and helped create ASI Awareness Week on all CLA platforms. This ensured that all students within the college were made aware of what ASI is and what they do as an organization. If re-elected I plan on becoming more involved within the community and hope to create Coffee with the Dean so that students can voice their concerns and questions to the Dean of the College.

I am involved in several groups and organizations on campus. I have noticed that Student Government is not often talked about. Sometimes that is all that is needed. To begin to discuss these things within the groups that you are in and the information begins to ripple outward.

Ways I would promote student awareness in Student Government would be by making time for students, responding to emails, inviting them to attend Senate meetings and speak their concerns with our board and ways we could help.

To promote our roles in government, I would highly encourage students to attend the meetings and I would push for associations to help spread meeting information.

Candidate Details

Mitali Jain

I am Mitali and my major is nutrition and diet. I want to run for the USUBOT position and I currently hold office in this position too. I work with ASI Beach Pantry on a weekly basis to help students with food assistance.

Candidate Question & Answers

My goal is to introduce and coordinate a program where we use pantry items and make healthy and quick meals out of it. This program will feature weekly videos where I would use the current pantry items for that week and make a meal or a quick snack out of it. The video will be posted on social media before students receive the pantry items so that they have more options on how they can use the food given. I wish to expand the services of ASI Beach Pantry for students in order to help serve them better. I also want to introduce more plans that students are interested in to help them better with the online environment.

I will advertise it on social media on a weekly basis. I will reach out for collaborations with other student leaders or staff so students are aware of the resources university has. I will want to send monthly emails about all the resources and its list or post it on the website so students can access. I also wish to present these resources during SOAR workshops so students are aware of what resources are there to help them.

I think current issues are being well managed by USU and SRWC but I do see one flaw. I see some people needing more food than the pantry food but they have nowhere to go and nowhere to ask for. I believe when we send out the email for the ASI Beach Pantry registration tickets we can include a pdf or some links to extra resources that are always available if a student needs extra help.

Referendum on ASI Bylaws.


The Associated Students Board of Directors/Senate has requested that Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) conduct a referendum for proposed bylaw amendments to Chapter I of the ASI Bylaws. The ASI Bylaw amendments referendum will be conducted as part of the online ASI general election on Monday, March 15 through Wednesday, March 17, 2021.


On December 9, 2020 the Associated Students Board of Directors/Senate approved Senate Resolution #2021-05 Bylaw Amendments to Chapter I of the ASI Bylaws. The Associated Students Senate serves as the Board of Directors for the corporation, and implements its authority as the legislative branch ensuring effective oversight and consistency within its operations, and representing the LBSU student body. Chapter I of the ASI Bylaws states the Senate is to, "Perform any and all duties imposed on them collectively or individually by the Senate, by law, by the Articles of Incorporation for the Associated Students, California State University, Long Beach, or by these bylaws." These duties include changing the bylaws to ensure that it accurately reflects current contemporary practices and addresses improvements for greater efficiency while safeguarding the ASI mission.

As a result of the approved Senate resolution, the Board of Directors/Senate is proposing the following amendments to Chapter I of the ASI Bylaws:

  • Gender-neutral terminology approved by Senate Resolution #2017-34 shall be reflective throughout the entire ASI Bylaws.
  • The following officer position titles and the Board of Control shall be updated to clarify their roles and responsibilities to avoid confusion
    • Chief Executive Officer shall be updated to President
    • Vice President shall be updated to Executive Vice President
    • Treasurer shall be updated to Vice President of Finance
    • Attorney General and Public Defender shall be removed as those roles no longer exist
    • Board of Control shall be updated to Business and Finance Committee
  • A Senate representative shall no longer be elected to the Campus Planning Committee as the committee is no longer active.
  • Judiciary shall no longer be required to notify Senate in writing of any changes to their working rules as the Senate accepts the Judiciary minutes where any changes would be noted.
  • Judiciary no longer requires a petition signed by 5% of the student body nor a Senate ruling if they fail to carry out their duties and responsibilities as a Justice to process their removal internally.
  • The Chief Justice shall be able to form the Ethics Compliance Committee to proceed with disciplinary action among Judiciary members.
  • The University Student Union Board of Trustees representatives will serve a maximum term of one year ending on May 31.
  • The process of proposing and adopting a bylaw amendment to Chapter I shall no longer require a 60% favorable vote in the ASI general election to expedite the process to amend and update Chapter I of the ASI Bylaws.

If approved, the amendments to the bylaws would go into effect and be reflected in the 2021-2022 ASI Bylaws.


By voting YES, you are agreeing to all of the proposed bylaw amendments; updating the ASI Bylaws.

By voting NO, you are rejecting all of the proposed bylaw amendments; leaving the ASI Bylaws as is.






    To see how the proposed bylaw amendments would impact the ASI Bylaws review the document entitled Bylaws 2020-2021 Chapter 1. The highlighted sections reflect the proposed changes.

  1. Bylaws 2020-2021 Chapter 1
  2. Senate Resolution #2021-05 Bylaw Amendments to Chapter 1 of the ASI Bylaws

Calendar Spring 2021

January 20
Filing Opens Online
(Jan. 20-Feb. 4)
BeachSync 9AM
January 20
It Takes One Student Panel Zoom
Meeting Id:870 3479 3776   Password:21ASIELECT
January 25
Student Government Panel Zoom
Meeting Id:815 5940 3788   Password:21ASIELECT
January 27
Elections Informational Session Zoom
Meeting Id:856 0413 0087   Password:21ASIELECT
January 28
Elections Informational Session Zoom
Meeting Id:871 3919 2865   Password:21ASIELECT
January 29
Elections Informational Session Zoom
Meeting Id:884 8264 0754   Password:21ASIELECT
February 4
Filing Closes BeachSync 12PM
February 5
Filing Re-Opens for Unfilled Positions Online* BeachSync 9AM
February 12
Filing for Unfilled Positions Closes* BeachSync 4PM
February 18
Candidate Meeting**
Registration Required
Zoom 5PM
February 18
Candidate Meeting**
Registration Required
Zoom 10AM
March 1
Campaigning Begins for General Elections Online
March 3
Meet the Candidates Zoom
Meeting Id:851 9177 4869   Password:21ASIELECT
March 11
Presidential Candidates Debate Zoom
Meeting Id:843 7731 5915   Password:21ASIELECT
March 15-17 Online Elections Online 12:00AM-11:59PM
March 18
Elections Results Reveal ASI Instagram Live 12PM
March 22-24 Campaigning for Run-Off Elections
(If necessary)
March 22-24 Online Run-Off Elections
(If necessary)
Online 12:00AM-11:59PM
March 25
Election Run-Off Results Announced
(If necessary)

*Unfilled Positions: those positions that do not have a minimum number of applicants. All other positions are closed.

**Candidates Meeting: Candidates MUST attend one out of the two meetings to be able to be recognized as an official candidate and campaign. No attendance = automatic disqualification.

Starter Pack

Interested in running for a 2021 Student Government office? Here are a few steps to apply:

  1. Learn more about the elected positions here.
  2. Access resources within the 2021 ASI Elections Packet here.

Docs & Forms

The documents and forms listed below are intended to be a resource for candidates, campaign workers and the student body at large throughout the ASI election process.


There are a number of eligibility criteria such as grade point average (GPA), residency units, and “good standing” status that are evaluated by the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Office to determine if CSULB students may run for student government positions. Each applicant will be notified by the ASI Assistant Director of Government Affairs & Initiatives if they have met eligibility requirements, as determined by the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Office. Please also review the job description for the position you are interested in applying for to learn about additional requirements.
The time commitment for each position varies. Please refer to the job descriptions for more details. However, all student government positions are awarded a scholarship for their service. Please refer to the ASI Policy on Student Government Scholarships for more information.
Candidates who are running for office have the option to expend funds to support their campaign efforts. You are not expected to spend any money for campaigning. This is based on your personal decision. If candidates decide to spend money for their campaign, ASI does ask that candidates sign and follow the voluntary campaign spending limit pledge.
  • $750 for candidates for executive offices
  • $500 for candidates for other university-wide positions
  • $250 for candidates for other college-level positions
There are detailed requirements outlined in the ASI Elections Handbook regarding campaigning, campaign expenditures and reporting. It is important you follow all requirements. It is the candidate’s responsibility to submit a Campaign Income & Expense Record even if they did not spend any money on campaigning.
To run for a College seat, you must have declared a major in that particular college when you submit your application. If University records show that you are still majoring in Journalism, you cannot run for the College of Business seat and must instead run for the College of Liberal Arts seat or Senator-at-Large.
The digital elections packet can be found on BeachSync and shall include the elections calendar, position descriptions and the Application to Run for Student Government Office. Interested candidates must submit their application via BeachSync along with any additional required documentation, such as candidate bio, photo, and campaign platform.
Candidates will be listed on the first day of campaigning here.
You will be able to vote online from 12am on March 15th through 11:59pm on March 17th.
  • Access your CSULB student email account and locate the email from “Associated Students, Inc.” with the Subject Line “2021 ASI Election”
  • Open and read the email Click on the link that says “CLICK HERE”
  • If the link doesn’t work, go to URL address provided in the email and enter your username and password, also provided in the email.
  • Read the Welcome Page and click on the “PROCEED” button.
  • Start voting! Just click on the box next to the candidates or responses of your choice, and then click “Submit Vote.” ONCE YOU CLICK ON “SUBMIT VOTE,” YOUR VOTE IS RECORDED AND CANNOT BE CHANGED
  • If you don’t want to vote in a particular race, click on “Skip this Poll”
  • If you want to vote in a race that you previously skipped, locate the poll you skipped, then cast your vote.
  • At the end of your voting session, you will be taken to an exit page. Here you will have an opportunity to leave a comment. We encourage you to provide us with your honest feedback.
  • To exit the elections, click on the “Sign Out” link at the top of the page or simply close your web browser. Make sure you’ve completed the ballot before exiting.
  • If you did not receive the email, or are having trouble online, please email Include your name, student ID# and a brief description of the issue. Someone will contact you to help resolve the issue.
Any computer or phone that can access your CSULB student email account can be used for voting.
If you did not receive an email to vote, please check your spam folder. Locate the email from “Associated Students, Inc.” with the Subject Line “2021 ASI Election.” Click “Not Junk.” If this doesn’t work, or if you cannot locate the email in your spam folder, please email Include your name, student ID# and a brief description of the issue. Someone will contact you to help resolve the issue.
If you cannot open the email to vote, please email Include your name, student ID# and a brief description of the issue. Someone will contact you to help resolve the issue.
The election results will be announced after the polls close at the Elections Reveal on Thursday, March 18th at 12pm on ASI’s Instagram Live. You will also be able to find the results on the ASI Student Government Website