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Best Places to Study on Campus poster

With the fall semester in full swing, you need good study spots. Now that campus has re-opened, whether you are an online or in-person student, you have the option to take advantage of campus resources. Let us help you in finding a studying atmosphere that best suits your style. What are you waiting for? Check out ASI’s recommendations now!

Student Organization Voter Registration Competition poster

Calling all student organizations! Enter the Student Organization Voter Registration Competition for a chance to win funding for your student club account. The top two organizations with the most Beach students registered will win prizes. The competition lasts through the special gubernatorial recall election day on Sept. 14.

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Get in touch with the pulse of campus by learning about all things Associated Students, Inc. (ASI)! We have a wide selection of newsletters that fit many interests. Whether you're into fitness, campus events, current affairs, student government or health and wellness – there is something for you! Learn more about our five ASI newsletters and click the buttons below to subscribe today!

Welcome Back to The Beach poster

Hello Beach community and welcome to a new semester! It’s great to have you back with us this fall. Ready to get the most out of this term? Join ASI for fall Week of Welcome (WoW) and Cultural Welcomes. Now is the time to get involved with campus programs and communities.

The Gubernatorial Recall Election

The Gubernatorial Recall Election of Gov. Newsom will occur on Sept. 14, 2021. Despite the extensive media coverage on the election, you may still be left with important questions. In this article, we will answer some commonly asked questions and provide the information necessary for you to be prepared when voting.

Get to Know Your ASI Executives poster

The Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) Executive Board oversees student government, but beyond their offices, they are just regular Long Beach State students looking to get the most out of university life. Learn more about the people behind the positions and get some insight into their lives beyond the political sphere. Meet your 2021 through 2022 ASI President, Executive Vice President and Vice President of Finance!

Ultimate LBC Bucket List

Long Beach is much more than just a coastal city. It is an arts and culture hub in Southern California known for its eclectic small communities and varieties of mom-and-pop businesses. Within the area lies an array of waterfront attractions, beachside excursions and the excitement of daily adventures. Looking to live like a local and get the most out of the area? Check out our ultimate Long Beach City (LBC) bucket list below!

Pick Some ASI Things and We’ll Give You a New Hobby to Try

Our preferences say a lot about who we are. Ever wondered what yours say about you? Put your choices to the test with this fun, three-minute quiz.

Jump into Summer with ASI poster

Did you know there is a new Run Club on campus? Or that you can hike your way to earn rewards? Join us and participate in some out-of-the-box things that will get you excited and feeling on top of the world this summer.

ASI Recommends Hobbies poster

Take some personal time this summer to discover what you love. Start by trying out some new pastime activities to make those hot sunny days a little more exciting. Check out our ASI hobby recommendations below. What will you try next?

Alumni Words of Wisdom poster

Your inspiration to get through finals is here! Take it from your Beach alums, it only gets better after exams. Scroll through some of the best motivational quotes to help you conquer your last assignments and end the semester strong!

finals week poster

Need a helping hand during finals week? Don’t worry we’ve got your back. Take on finals with these top-notch stress-reducing programs and resources. Bookmark this page for on-the-fly mindful activities, coloring sheets, exclusive stretching tips and more to get you through tough exam days.

Many Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) departments have compiled helpful resource links just for you! Check out their suggested relaxation content below:

ASI Recommends: Music – Our Top Picks

Stop what you're doing, it’s time to get lost in some new tunes! We’ve gathered a list of songs that our Associated Students, Inc. student assistants are loving right now. Below you'll find songs categorized into "the sounds of..." subsections based on what listening experience you're going for. Let yourself unwind and become immersed in the magical world of music! What will you stream first?

Spring in Long Beach Poster

“Still We Rise: Reclaiming Our Power” is the theme of this year’s Students of Color Conference. The conference will be held virtually on Friday, April 23, from 9 AM to 1:30 PM on Zoom. Join us for an assortment of inspiring guests and interactive workshops aimed at fostering a sense of community and societal change.

Spring in Long Beach Poster

It's springtime in Long Beach. There are so many fun things you can do to fill your time outside of school. We’ve compiled an assortment of safe activities you can do in our city this season. Don’t wait, check out our picks below and find your next past time.

*Note: Click on the links attached to each activity to see detailed information regarding hours, additional services and COVID-19 guidelines. All activities mentioned are hidden gems local to the Long Beach area.

Alicia’s Take: Self-Care in a Virtual World

Mental wellness looks different for everyone, there is not a one-size-fits all approach. The things that work for one individual will likely not work the same way for you. This is the beauty of the mental well-being spectrum and all its vastness. This just means that we are all unique and there are many ways beyond breathing exercises and meditation to calm our busy minds.

Proposed LBSU Plus or Minus Grading Policy

A new plus or minus grading policy has been proposed at Long Beach State University (LBSU). According to representatives in Associated Students Government, LBSU is one of two California State Universities that has not adopted the new system. Currently, the Curriculum and Educational Policies Council (CEPC) has the grading policy open for review with the recommendation to consider plus or minus grading.