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June/May 2020
protect pets from fireworks

As the Fourth of July approaches, the barrage of nightly fireworks around many of our neighborhoods only seems to get louder. If you're a pet owner, you might spend your nights worried about how they’ll react to the loud explosions, and the holiday might cause more anxiety than excitement. Here are a few quick tips to help keep your pets safe and calm amidst the chaos outside.

Staying Well Through Change & Turmoil - Tips From CAPS Director Dr. Bongjoo Hwang banner

With a pervasive pandemic, intense social divison and an ongoing economic disaster, "change and turmoil" is an understatement. At times like these, the importance of building bridges cannot be understated. But with stress filling the air, how can we possibly make this happen? I spoke with Dr. Bongjoo Hwang, Director of Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at Long Beach State University for guidance.

Important Books and Articles to Read banner

These are difficult times for the Black community, and it’s important to remember that it’s our collective duty to educate ourselves on topics that are far too often ignored, such as systemic racism. Please take the time to read some of these educational books and articles, some of which can be found for free via the University Library.

Your Guide to Declaring Your Pronouns on MyCSULB banner

One of the great things about our University is its acceptance and understanding of the diverse student body. Below is a quick how-to tutorial that will teach you how to choose your preferred pronouns on MyCSULB. Look below for the in-depth steps!

Promote Advocacy With an Online Donation banner

You can influence social change by donating to the following advocacy organizations which strive to elevate Black communities and ensure a fair justice system. If you aren’t able to give, be sure to share these links with others.

Support Black-Owned Business banner

By supporting these Black-owned businesses, you are directly supporting the Black community. In addition to many beloved local restaurants, this list also includes allergy-friendly and vegan food producers for you to support and enjoy, as well as organizations that support Black farmers.

Resources For Your Wellness banner

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, remember that you’re not alone. It’s normal for stress and anxiety to rise in times such as these, but you can stay healthy and motivated with the help of these community resources.

Petitions and Actions You Can Take banner

Wondering how to support the Black Lives Matter Movement? Here are some petitions you can sign, causes you can text, people and institutions you can call, and emails you can send to demand Justice and Change.

Spend Screen Time More Productively banner

For those who enjoy bingeing content, here are some videos and shows that explore racism, issues minorities face, and the Black experience. Many here can be accessed through various streaming platforms.

Hear Others’ Stories, Amplify Their Cause banner

Systemic racism will not go away with a single conversation, protest or action. Rather it will take long-term, consistent work. Here are more ways you can keep yourself engaged and informed through podcasts that help better understand the importance of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Listen to other people’s stories and amplify their cause.

Quiz: What LBSU Eatery You? banner

Find the Long Beach State eatery that perfectly suits you for when we all return! See what your study preferences say about your taste.

Beating Boredom: Beach Pride Events’ Recommendations banner

ASI Beach Pride Events hosts an array of interactive and fun events all throughout the academic year. At the core of these inventive ideas is an amazing team of students just like you. Check out their recommendations about how to live it up during this socially-distant period!

Awaken Your Creativity with Netflix-Inspired Meals banner

Are you ready to dive into your favorite fictional universes? Your beloved television characters need your help to make some delicious meals! Below are some iconic Netflix TV show dishes made simple, easy and healthy.

Taking Care of You @ CSULB banner

Every day is a new opportunity to reach your full potential and start anew. And what better way to unlock your best self than with the You @ CSULB okta app! The program is catered specifically for you and your unique mental health and physical wellness needs.

Awaken Your Creativity with YouTube banner

At this point in quarantine you’ve probably tried 101 pastimes to cure your boredom. Are you feeling like you need something refreshing, energizing and new to fuel your mind? Don’t worry, we’ve got just the thing for you...a list of YouTube recommendations to get you through your busy days!

Quiz: Which Famous LBSU Alum Are You Destined to Meet in a Coffee Shop? banner

Ever wanted to meet a Long Beach State celebrity? Take this quiz and we’ll match your personality with one of our famous alumni!

Coronavirus Chronicles: Free Online Activities to Pass Time banner

At times looking for things to watch or do online can take the fun out of a work break. Instead of tiring yourself out searching for the perfect video or activity, check out this carefully picked list made just for busy students like you.