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Most students prefer the benefits that come with driving a car. I mean come on, the convenience, freedom and extra storage are hard to give up. Unfortunately, everything comes at a price.

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The “starving college student” era has been romanticized and accepted, but is it just a quirky phrase? Or is it a real, actionable issue that needs attention? ASI’s Beach Pantry—available to all Long Beach State students—tries to answer this question.

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Creating outlines, catching up on reading and reviewing a semester’s worth of notes. Yep, it sounds like Finals Week is upon us! And here in Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) we also know that studying is no easy task. That’s why we want to share opportunities you can use throughout the day to help you conquer the next two weeks.

LBSU’s Best Graduation Photo Spots banner

Hey there graduates! It's your trusty Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) campus guide here. Are you ready to get the inside scoop into some top-notch photo spots at the university? We hope the answer was yes because we have a list of ready-to-go places perfect for your graduation photoshoot. What are you waiting for? Grab your caps and gowns and check out the locations below right now!

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Springtime is perfect for trying new things. It is the season of new beginners and fresh starts. Why not try your hand at something new this semester? Maybe there is a hobby you are waiting to test out. And you are in luck! The University Student Union (USU) is full of departments that cater to specific interests. Whether you are into writing, event planning, or another thing altogether, there is a place for you.

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Take our Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) activities quiz! Spend a day doing your favorite student things and we will give you a new activity to test out. Who knows, the one you get may be something you have not tried before...why wait? Click the button below to start the quiz.

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Students often have the misconception it is unattainable to live a sustainable lifestyle, but there are accessible ways to protect and nurture our planet! Here are Sustain U’s tips and tricks to be more mindful of the waste we produce and what we can do to have a more positive impact on our planet as students.

Your New ASI Officers  banner

Student government elections are officially over. You met with the candidates, got to know their platforms and voted for your peer representatives. And now...the results are in! With great excitement, we are proud to announce your 2022 through 2023 academic officers.

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College can be a lot sometimes and that’s why it’s important to set aside some “you” time for self-care. With so many things going on at once as a college student, we want you to know that there are many resources on campus to help you maintain your personal wellness goals!

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We’ve reached the point in the semester where you may be looking for some campus resources. Need assistance finding the right tools for you? We've compiled a list of support services that you can check out below. Browse the list and see what the Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) and the university has to offer you!

ASI Elections Line Up banner

As you all have probably noticed from the posters and flyers all around campus, the 2022 Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) Elections have begun! The first part of this election season is over. Filing for a position is now closed and informational sessions have wrapped up. What’s next you ask? Well campaigning of course! It began March 7, so keep an eye out to learn more about your candidates and their platforms.

Build Your Beach Community

Making connections with other students can enhance your college experience. At The Beach, we have a variety of student activities for you to explore. Ever wondered how to get involved with student groups on campus? Let us at Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) help decode the process for you!

ASI’s 2022-23 Elections Need YOU!

Picture this: You’re a motivated and conscientious individual looking for a space where you can advocate for your interests and amplify student needs. Sound like you? We thought so! Why not consider joining the Associated Student, Inc.’s (ASI) student government during the next academic year? If you are willing to put yourself out there, you might just find there’s a seat with your name on it at the decision table.

22 LBSU Things to Try in 2022  poster

I don’t know about you, but we’re feeling 2022! Join us for some fun Long Beach State University (LBSU) activities this semester. Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) and the university at large are offering many wonderful programs and services just for you.

Your ASI Study Guide to Conquering Finals poster

It’s the final countdown and you are so close! Finals week is here, and we know it’s time to study, finish those last few projects and truly conquer this semester.

Affordable Housing and Homelessness in Long Beach  poster

Ranking at number 10 on the touropia list of the top 15 cities to visit in California, the city of Long Beach has gradually become a tourist attraction for an array of reasons. The vast sense of community alongside the city’s proximity to the beach has subtly encouraged visitors to move into the city.

Long Beach’s Sustainable Promise   poster

The major oil spill in early October has generated a wave of questions and concerns by California residents. This oil spill has been widely broadcast and showcased all over news channels and social media platforms, where massive amounts of oil have been seen flowing across various California beaches.