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Since ASI’s Student Recreation & Wellness Center (SRWC) opened in 2010, we understood that wellness, health and recreation should be equally accessible and important to all students, whether able-bodied or not. The inclusive recreational program was created for people who have cognitive, physical and sensory disabilities in mind. The SRWC hopes this space will broaden students’ access to health and fitness. And the program is not only available to people with visible and invisible disabilities, but to fellow non-disabled peers eager to collaborate on accommodated fitness experiences. According to the SRWC’s mission statement, the inclusive recreational program’s ultimate goal is to “level the playing field” and help everyone gain a better understanding and perspective on how disabilities are perceived.

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Happy Womxn's History Month! Celebrate with ASI with our new quiz! Pick your favorite painting and we'll reveal which influential womxn from history you are:


It was all the rage to shop small businesses back in 2020 and now it's time to keep the momentum going! If the small business trend didn’t convince you to shop locally, here are five reasons why you should keep your wallet local:

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Take this quiz to find out the perfect event you should attend based on your love language!

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Take a break from finals with our BeachFront holiday game! Help Cal, your snowfriend, find their favorite holiday things down below.

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No one warned me that, as an adult, I was going to spend most of my time and energy figuring out what to eat. From budgeting my money responsibly, figuring out which grocery store is the cheapest, planning my meals and learning how to cook, a big portion of adulthood is ALL. ABOUT. FOOD.

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After years of constant online stimulation, we’re excited to experience Smorgasport in person—back and better than ever! And to add to this excitement, Smorgasport is celebrating its 20th anniversary! This year is the 20th time we are hosting this special event for LBSU students. And, there are so many things to look forward to: carnival rides, food, games, prizes, photo booths and more. Students should take advantage of this free opportunity to meet new people, connect with friends, and experience the attractions for no cost. Did we mention it was free?

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Networking is vital to your future. I know...as students, we’ve heard our professors and employers push us to network a million times, but what does it mean? And can everyone just...do it? The answer is yes and here’s how!

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Halloween is right around the corner and ASI loves all things spooky. Want to learn what your study habits say about you? Take a well-deserved break from school and take our new quiz to find out your Halloween aesthetic!