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Farewell to the Class of 2024

Published: Thursday, 23 May 2024

Written by Esperanza Hernandez-Munoz, Communications Student Assistant

As the 2023-24 academic year ends, our graduates have had their day of celebration. This week of ceremonies is the culmination of students' journey at Long Beach State University (LBSU) and serves as a recognition of their efforts. The class of 2024 has shown a great level of resilience during moments of turbulence and new challenges. As you cross the finish line, remember the lessons learned and the unforgettable memories you created. Most importantly, remember the journey and thank your family, friends and LBSU faculty and staff members that supported you throughout the years.

As we close out this chapter, ASI would like to express its most sincere congratulations to this year's graduates and welcome them to LBSU’s alumni family! Let’s look at some of this year’s outstanding graduates as they reflect on some of their most memorable moments and takeaways. We cannot wait to see what you do next!

Photo by Casmir Joy Howe

Emily Howe

BA Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Mathematics
My favorite memory is going to ASI's Big Event with T-Pain performing! I got to go with my best friend, Lesly, which made it even more fun and special. We have been friends since we were 11 years old and getting to do college together has been an honor and a blessing!
Photo by Daniel Figueroa

Lesly Covarrubias

BA Human Development
As an incoming student, keep your mind open and explore different topics through your courses. What you're passionate about now may or may not change. It's okay to figure it out along the way!
Photo by Argelia Chairez

Natalia Chairez

BA Journalism
One goal I would like to accomplish that LBSU has prepared me for is getting over my imposter syndrome in the journalism industry and utilizing my portfolio for different types of job opportunities in my career. I would love to go into magazine and editorial writing upon graduating.
Photo by Olivia Peay

Kristina Ledesma

BA Public Relations
I would like to profoundly thank the four women in my life who have been my pillars of strength, wisdom, and inspiration. My grandmother, sister and godmother have each played crucial roles in shaping who I am today. But, most importantly, my mother, the guiding star, whose unconditional love has been the very essence of my strength and resilience.
Photo by Jay Bhingradiya

Kenil Prakashbhai Vaghasiya

MS Computer Science
Graduating with a master's in computer science signifies mastery of cutting-edge technology and opens doors to groundbreaking career opportunities where you can shape the future through innovation and impact. It's not just a degree; it's a gateway to revolutionizing industries and solving complex global challenges with computational prowess.
Photo by Satyam Sharma

Kunjal Ashvinbhai Patel

MS Computer Science
CSULB provides an inclusive community and strong academic programs in a vibrant Southern California location, where students learn valuable networking skills for their career and personal growth. Additionally, living in Long Beach offers beautiful beaches, a rich cultural scene, and a diverse, friendly atmosphere near major attractions.
Photo by Tanya Sanchez

Jesse Hernandez

BFA Photography
A teacher has made such an impact in my life and has influenced the growth in my creative photo practice is Lacey Lennon. One thing I expect during class is to be told the truth about my work; like how bad is my work actually? Her perspective, insight, knowledge and devotion to student improvement and understanding are what make Lacey a great teacher. People think they can just sail through her classes, but reality check, you thought wrong. I know I still have much to learn in my photo practice and technicalities of photography, but I feel I'm on the right track, and I truly thank Lacey Lennon for her hard work and consideration to all students.
Photo by Rafael Martinez

Mia Alessandra Molina

BA Film and Electronic Arts Theory and Practice of Cinema
Minor in Womens Gender Sexuality Studies
My advice for any incoming students would be to allow yourself the time and opportunity to make mistakes, socialize and collaborate with people who hold the same values and beliefs as you. College is the one place where we as students get the freedom to do what we believe is right not only for us but for our futures. So, make sure to cause a little chaos with people who believe in you and cause change for your own futures. Don't ever let yourself finish this chapter of your life alone. Know that you will find people, organizations, faculty, staff, etc. who believe in you and want you to make your own path, and who ultimately will help you do this too.
Photo by Jesse Hernandez

Tanya Sanchez

BFA Photography
My advice for incoming students is to make friends and work on your craft. As a first-generation Mexican American artist, I understand you may not have support from your family. When I started to focus on my photography, I was able to find more work opportunities and learn from others. We need more Latin artists; I am tired of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera being the only representatives for Latin art. I cannot emphasize enough that making friends can lead to work opportunities. People will think of you! Find people who help you grow into a better person and a better artist. As one of my professors, Rebecca Settler, said, "Remember, it's not a sprint; it's a marathon."