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What make CSULB and the Associated Students, Inc. so great are without a doubt the people, and we want you to join our team! Use this page to navigate through ASI’s open positions by selecting the type of work you are looking for (i.e., part-time, full-time, and/or internship). Additionally, by using our ‘Advanced Search’ option you can easily search by using tags and key terms. If no job openings peak your interest, please view our Involve page to see what other year-round opportunities await you.

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monthly recognition of outstanding ASI student employees

Face shot of Stephanie Chavez

Stephanie Chavez
Beach Pride Events

Face shot of Will Higuchi

Will Higuchi
SRWC Rockwall

Face shot of AmanDembe

Aman Dembe
ASI Communications

Face shot of BrandonKheang

Brandon Kheang
22 West Media

Face shot of Christian Masia

Christian Masia
SRWC Rock Outdoor Adventure

Face shot of Christopher Rosa

Christopher Rosa
ASI Video Production

Face shot of Dalia Chavarin

Dalia Chavarin
Human Resource

Face shot of Taina Gariglio Dias Coleman

Taina Gariglio Dias Coleman

Face shot of Subramaniam Seshadri

Subramaniam Seshadri

Face shot of Jess Kung

Jess Kung
22 Media West

Face shot of Sara Cuadra

Sara Cuadra
SRWC Rockwall