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Every spring, LBSU students choose their representatives by voting in Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) elections. With 2021 elections right around the corner, you may be wondering why, or if, your vote matters. Here’s the short answer – it does.

Graphic: Spring Week of Welcome

It's nice to have you back at Long Beach State, we hope you had a relaxing and rejuvenating winter break. Now that classes are starting up again here's some Week of Welcome (WOW) programming to look forward to in the coming weeks.

Graphic: State of the Associated Students

Every semester, the president of ASI delivers an update on the organization and its ongoing mission to support and enhance the student experience at Long Beach State. This important tradition is known as the State of the Associated Students speech.

asi executives share their goals

With all the change we’ve been facing this year, it’s good to know that we have a fresh slate of motivated ASI student leaders here to help guide us through the year. As the official voice for students at the highest level of student government, your new ASI executives are ready to hit the ground running with bold and thoughtful goals. Check them out below!

Unwinding Activities for Finals Week banner

Take the stress out of testing with some much-needed relaxation activities. Check out these interactive and fun mindfulness exercises that the Beach Pride team recommends!

5 Hobbies to Take-Up While You’re Home banner

In these next few weeks, while you’re at home with family, on your own, or chilling with your roommates, consider these easy and fun activities to keep your spirits up. The National Library of Health did a study linking reduced stress to having at least one hobby. Are you ready to take your life up a notch and unlock your best self? Improve your life today and check out this ultimate list of 5 entertaining and useful hobbies to fill your time with!

As students, faculty and staff are aware, last week CSULB announced a pause to all academic instruction starting Wednesday, March 11. Instruction will continue to be on pause until March 23, at which time online instruction will commence. Due to these announcements, here are updates on how they will impact ASI services:

4 Reasons to Vote in ASI Elections banner

They’re finally here – the annual ASI student government elections. With only a couple of weeks until students cast their votes, you might be wondering – why should I vote? We’re here to prove that it’s worth your while.

Students celebrating graduation with confetti

Although it may not be the most pressing topic on your mind right now, CSULB’s new Vice President for Student Affairs (VPSA) will be selected very soon – and their influence will be great. As a student, this decision will have a vast impact on your experience here at The Beach. The new VPSA will oversee a $38 million annual operating budget in addition to many important departments on campus, such as Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Housing & Residential Life, the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) and many more. Moreover, the selected VPSA will serve as the direct link between students and President Jane Conoley, which will make them a key advocate for the needs of the student body – which is why it is imperative students come out to meet the candidates.