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The Student Government office is located on the third floor of the University Student Union, Room 311 (USU-311).
  • Specific eligibility criteria vary by position.

General Criteria: regularly enrolled undergraduate student carrying a minimum of six units or a graduate student carrying a minimum of three units; and maintaining a semester and cumulative GPA of 2.5.

There are two ways to become part of Student Government:
  • You can run for an elected office during the spring election. Please visit the Elections page for more information.
  • You can apply for an appointed position or an elected position that has been declared vacant. Please visit the Apply Now page for more information.

According to Title 5, Section 42659 of the California Code of Regulations, "The principle underlying the expenditure of student body organization funds collected through mandatory fees is that such expenditures shall be made in programs that reflect the broadest variety of student interests and that are open to all students who wish to participate. Student body organization funds obtained from mandatory fees may be expended for the following programs:"

  • Programs of cultural and educational enrichment and community service
  • Recreational and social activities
  • Support of student unions
  • Scholarships, stipends, and grants-in-aid for only currently admitted students
  • Tutorial programs
  • Athletic programs, both intramural and intercollegiate
  • Student publications
  • Assistance to recognized student organizations
  • Student travel insurance
  • Administration of student fee program
  • Student government-scholarship stipends, grants-in-aid, and reimbursements to student officers for service to student government
  • Student employment
  • Augmentation of counseling services
  • Transportation services
  • Child development center for children of students and employees of the campus
  • Augmentation of campus health services
  • In compliance with the Richard McKee Transparency Act (Education Code Section 89913-89919), the Associated Students, Inc. of California State University, Long Beach is required to provide members of the public, upon request any information relating to the conduct of the student body’s business that is prepared, used or retained by the ASI, regardless of physical form or characteristics. Records that are exempt under the Richard McKee Transparency Act will not be available to the public. Your request will be processed within ten (10) working days. If because of the nature of the request, it is not possible to furnish the information that you have requested within 10 working days, you will be notified within the 10-day period. (Note: a copying fee of 20 cents per page will be charged. Documents will not be released until payment is made.)
  • Note: all requests should be made to asi-publicrecords@csulb.edu