Vice President of Finance

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Vice President of Finance

Alvin Tu

Alvin Tu is a driven fourth-year undergraduate student, studying Operations, Supply Chain Management, Finance, and Management. He is determined to revolutionize the supply chain industry through advanced technology and data-driven logistics. With leadership roles such as Executive Vice President of the Financial Management Association and experience as a Fixed Income and Values Analyst at Beach Investment Group, Tu showcases his expertise in financial management and analysis. Tu's dedication to personal and professional growth is evident through his participation in the Junior and Corporate Mentoring Program at SCPD. Having acquired five years of experience, he possesses a deep understanding of project management and efficient coordination.

Recognizing the significance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, Tu prioritizes stress reduction and preventing burnout. He firmly believes in the power of creativity, which opens minds, broadens perspectives, and breaks down prejudices. Tu advocates for a society that embraces and nurtures creativity to prevent closed-mindedness.

Adventuring is a cherished aspect of Tu's life, as it not only expands his bravery but also provides valuable life lessons that may not be accessible in everyday routines. Upholding values of integrity, innovation, camaraderie, mindfulness, and resolve, Tu strives to uphold ethical standards, seek innovative solutions, foster strong relationships, practice mindfulness, and demonstrate unwavering determination. With a diverse background, strong values, and a passion for supply chain advancement, Tu is positioned to make a positive impact on campus life and contribute to the progress of LBSU. Tu looks forward to serving the student body through active collaboration and assessing projects from a creative perspective within student government on campus.