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State of the Associated Students

At the culmination of each academic year, our ASI president delivers an update on the organization and its efforts to stand by its mission of “Keeping Students First.” This vital tradition is meant to keep students informed on resources and initiatives ASI has invested time and effort in, all in the interest of meeting student needs. This is the State of the Associated Students address.

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ASI recognizes how vital the IPCDC is to the success of LBSU’s student parents. Through providing developmentally appropriate curriculum, socialization, and early development for our community’s youngest future, our student parents are given the time to focus on their studies. As the IPCDC’s focus has been on providing the highest quality of education and support to families for many years, the facility has aged, requiring necessary maintenance and modernization to ensure a safe, comfortable, and stimulating environment. Through this grant, the IPCDC has a unique opportunity to make meaningful investments in the center that will improve quality and ensure sustainability into the future.

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Excitement is in the air as the Student Government elections have concluded! Buzzing with anticipation, many eagerly awaited results. The past several weeks, these student candidates have been actively engaged in the election process, attending debates and strategically campaigning their platforms.

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Student government elections are officially over. You met with the candidates, got to know their platforms and voted for your peer representatives. And now...the results are in! With great excitement, we are proud to announce your 2022 through 2023 academic officers.

LBSU Shark Challenge winners

The time has come! The students have voted and selected our #LBSUSharkChallenge winners!

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Student government elections have concluded, and a fresh slate of students will begin their roles as your ASI executive officers in only a few months. Check out their backgrounds and goals for next year by reading the descriptions below!

Ever feel like you miss out on the best events on campus? We understand your pain – there is so much out there! To make it easy for you, ASI provides various ways to stay in the know. The easiest way is to follow ASI on your favorite social media platforms. ASI posts content nearly every day about upcoming events.

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Long Beach State Students:

Over the past several weeks Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) has been evaluating the use of the University Student Union (USU) and Student Rec & Wellness Center (SRWC) through focus groups with various student stakeholders. We are looking to learn what students like about the USU and SRWC now and what students want to see in the future to better serve their needs. In an effort to expand the conversation, we are launching a student-body-wide survey to make sure all student voices are heard.

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Although life can sometimes seem golden in Southern California, the harsh reality is that many youth here and abroad go to bed on an empty stomach. Generosity Feeds is a nonprofit that aims to feed hungry youth, and they need your help.