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The ASI Executive Officers (Execs) are the students that are chiefly responsible for the direction and initiatives that Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) takes on each year. Since the organization incorporated in 1956, the staff of ASI has reported to these chief officers on the management of the staff and its facilities and programs. The make-up of the Execs has always included a president, vice president and treasurer. They are individually elected in the spring semester, along with the other ASI elected positions, and assume their respective offices on June 1, of that year - a tradition that continues to this day.

In the past, the Execs have included the chief student officers reporting to the president which has been known as the secretary, the administrator, the chief of staff and/or the chief programming officer. These additional roles have been removed from the Exec team in recent years and now only the original three officers retain the title of ASI Executive Officers. Please take a moment to see who has served as Long Beach State’s chief student leaders throughout the years by using this page to navigate through the decades.