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Since 1956, Long Beach State University (LBSU) students have participated in the ASI Elections process and provided the next round of leaders to advocate on their behalf. Elections are held online every spring semester. All currently enrolled LBSU students are eligible to vote via the CSULB Single Sign-on chicklet during a three-day voting period.


If you want to learn more about Student Government, or campus and community life, Beach Team is the place to start. Beach Team gives students an opportunity to shadow current leaders, volunteer for events, participate in workshops and gain valuable experience that will support their interests in the Spring Elections.

Prior to applying for elected positions, prospective candidates are encouraged to view a series of videos that explain the elections process. Each video provides more detailed information on the qualifications and requirements for each position.

After applying, an initial eligibility check is conducted by the Office of the Dean of Students. Eligible candidates must attend a mandatory candidate meeting. At the meeting, students learn about the next steps and rules for campaigning. They will also be given the opportunity to take head shots and record platform videos, which student voters will be able to view on the election information page.

Candidates may campaign and promote their candidacy throughout the election period and up to seven days prior to voting. During the campaign period, there are two opportunities for candidates to meet with students and share their platforms at the Coffee with the Candidates events coordinated by the Government Elections Officer and support staff.

ASI announces results after the last day of voting, at the Elections Reveal Party, the ASI website and all social media channels. All elected officers must maintain their eligibility, before and after elections, to hold office. Any office held by an ineligible candidate will be declared vacant.