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Executive Branch

Following our federal and state government's structure, there are three branches of Student Government: Executive, Legislative and Judicial.

The following comprise the Executive branch: President, Executive Vice President, Vice President of Finance, Academic Affairs Officer, Chief Diversity Officer and Chief Government Relations Officer.

The student body elects the President, Executive Vice President and Vice President of Finance each spring and they serve a one-year term commencing on June 1.

The new President appoints the Academic Affairs Officer, Chief Diversity Officer, and Chief Government Relations Officer each year and the Senate confirms them. In addition to guiding and directing the operations of Student Government, officers work alongside full-time staff to oversee ASI in its capacity as a non-profit corporation. Members of the Executive branch meet and interact with a variety of university officials, local business and government leaders, and federal and state legislators to express students’ views on a variety of issues and advocate on the student body’s behalf.

The critical components of the Executive Branch are:

Presidential Cabinet - supervised by the ASI Chief Diversity Officer and comprised of student volunteers in charge of advising the president on relevant issues and providing programming, legislative and policy making support for students.

Beach Team - supervised by the Government Affairs graduate assistant and serves as an introduction to ASI and Student Government, while providing leadership opportunities to all incoming first-year students and transfer students. Beach Team instills the values and practices of Student Government, while promoting outreach, involvement in campus events, teamwork and giving students the tools needed for advancement in ASI.

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