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Committed to the principle of student self-determination in the shared governance of the university, the Associated Students of CSULB seeks to facilitate the achievement of students’ educational objectives and life goals through programs, services, and facilities that advocate student needs and interests, compel student representation in campus decision making and provide students with resources that they identify as necessary for their intellectual, social and physical development.

About ASI

Associated Students, Inc. Students automatically become members of ASI when they pay their mandatory student fees at the time of registration. Services provided by ASI to the CSULB community include the University Student Union, the Isabel Patterson Child Development Center, and the Student Recreation & Wellness Center. ASI also funds various scholarships, major and minor campus events and programs, and supports a robust student-run media division which includes a weekly newspaper, TV station and state-of-the-art radio station.

ASI has a rich history of strong student leaders and executive officers who have been at the forefront of many university milestones. From the building of the University Student Union and Student Recreation & Wellness Center, to advocating for the 24-hour opening of the University Library during finals and the development of the first Disabled Student Services center on campus, ASI has been proud to be an important part of CSULB’s history.

For a corporate overview, visit our press and corporate information webpage at asicsulb.org/press.

ASI History

Associated Students

The beginning picture

June 15, 1956, the Associated Student Body formally incorporated under the new name ‘Associated Students of Long Beach State College


The beginning

The beginning picture

Soroptimist House is constructed and donated to Associated Students for use by student organizations. It serves as the first “college union” for the campus.


Student body center

Student body center picture

Students approve a fee referendum to finance the construction and operation of a “student body center”, later named the “University Student Union” through another student referendum.



First recycling program started with funding from Associated Students.


Building USU

Building USU picture

Construction of the University Student Union building is completed.


Roots of CDC

Associated Students begins providing childcare for children of students at the local YMCA. Program later moves to the Soroptimist House.


CDC Opens

Isabel Patterson Child Development Center opens.


Recycling Center

The Recycling Center facility built with funding from Associated Students and the City of Long Beach.


News Paper

The Long Beach Union newspaper begins publication.


CDC Grows

The Isabel Patterson Child Development Center expands. Construction of the “Dome” and an office building are completed.


CDC Grows

The Isabel Patterson Child Development Center’s Infant/Toddler facility is completed.


Fee Referendum

Students approve a fee referendum to finance the renovation and expansion of University Student Union



The NEW USU picture

The $17M USU Improvement Project is completed, providing an additional 24,000 square feet to the facility.


K-Beach radio

K-Beach radio makes its first broadcast.


Beach Pride

The “Beach Pride” referendum is approved, providing over $1 million in student funds for CSULB Athletics.


Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports Program becomes part of Associated Students and is later renamed "Intramural Sports and Wellness"



New CDC picture

The "Dome" building of the Isabel Patterson Child Development Center is demolished and replaced with a new school-age program facility


New Fee Referendum

New Fee Referendum picture

Students approve a fee referendum to finance the construction and operation of a new Student Recreation and Wellness Center set to open in 2010.


SRWC Opening

SRWC Opening picture

Grand Opening of the Student Recreation & Wellness Center


Beach Pantry Opening

Beach Pantry Opens

Grand Opening of the Beach Pantry


ASI Pushes to Change LBSU Mascot

ASI Pushes to Change LBSU Mascot

ASI President Jara and Vice President Almahdi worked closely with administration throughout 2018 and 2019 to change the mascot. Having received more than 350 concept submissions, nearly 13,000 votes from the greater community, and nearly 11,000 votes from the student body -- ultimately ASI recommended “Shark” as the final mascot concept, later ratified by President Jane C. Conoley.

May 2019