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January 2020
Grade appeals title with a grade of B crossed out by a grade of A

One of the many duties of student government is to appoint student representatives to committees of importance to the student body. Each college has a committee that is responsible for reviewing students’ complaints about "unfair" grading in particular classes, and the ASI judicial branch is tasked with representing students on these committees. For some, the process can be a bit complicated, which is why the justices also aim to provide resources and information to students about how to best navigate an appeal.

California hihger education student summit (Chess 2020) from March 7 - March 9 at Sacramento Banner

Looking for an opportunity to voice your opinions to your government officials? Your trip to the California State Legislature is just an application away!

CSULB Provides DACA Renewal Assistance Banner

As the semester kicks into gear, LBSU and ASI have good news for undocumented students. As part of the university’s commitment to supporting DACA recipients, resources have been expanded in several capacities – financial assistance, legal advice and community support will all be available at The Beach.

Your USU Student Fees At Work Banner

What’s one of the ways you can see your student fees at work? Take a quick look around the USU! Over the fall semester and the winter break, the USU facilities and maintenance team have been working hard to bring your USU up-to-date.

Take a Sec with the Execs Banner

Ever wonder what your ASI president, vice president and treasurer are up to? Look no further than our new program, Take a Sec with the Execs!

A Message from President Jara Banner

Every Friday before the first day of fall classes, CSULB’s president delivers their convocation address. This annual speech is the president’s opportunity to reflect on the university’s accomplishments from the year prior and provide a vision for the year ahead.

DACA/Undocumented Student Support/Activism banner

As 2018 gets underway, ASI continues to stand up for undocumented students on campus and those affected by the uncertain future of DACA since its rescission last year. ASI will continue to offer resources and support for students affected throughout the coming semester and year.

DACA/Undocumented Student Support & Activism banner

In an effort to continue standing up for undocumented students on campus and those affected by the rescinding of DACA, ASI is providing a number of resources for students throughout the semester.

State of the Associated Students banner

First off, I want to thank Vice President Musman and the Senate for allowing me to deliver the Fall 2017 State of the Associated Students address. As a former senator, I know the hard work that goes into fulfilling the duties of your positions. You face the challenges that accompany the positions you hold, and you continue to overcome adversity in your personal lives as students of Long Beach State.