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June/May 2020
Coronavirus Chronicles: Make-at-Home Disinfectant banner

In this time of at-home quarantine and COVID-19 precautions, it’s important to know how to take care of yourself and others. A helpful way to prevent the spread of the virus is having disinfectants on had 24/7.

Executive Recommendations: Malcom X Marks the Spot banner

Hope can feel hard to come by sometimes, but with the life lessons from Malcolm X you’re never short in inspiration. Malcolm X’s inherent positivity for the future of America shines bright in his autobiographical debut about life without limitations.

Quiz: Which CSULB Activity Are You? banner

I don’t know about everyone else, but I miss all the cool activities Long Beach State offers. From riding escalators to the rock wall in the Student Recreation & Wellness Center, I’m sure we’re all looking forward to coming back to campus.

Quiz: Design a Class Schedule and We’ll Give You a New Hobby to Try banner

It's that time of year again to start picking your classes for fall 2020! What classes you choose each semester say something about you as a person. Are you someone who enjoys interactive courses or critical thinking ones? Your preferences make you unique and interesting.

Fitness: Exercise-At-Home 101 banner

Make everyday a brand-new start with at-home workouts! Replace sleeping in and getting up late with some productivity, movement and endorphins. And here’s how: find a workout plan, get your clothing ready the night before, set an alarm for 9 a.m. and motivate yourself with an upbeat playlist.

ASI Exec Officer Recommendations: The President’s Preferences banner

You might know that Liz Velasquez is your ASI president, but did you know that she also has a great taste in TV shows? In fact, her favorite shows are in such wide variety that they need to be divided in to three groups: family dramas, fantasy and political dramas. Check out what your president recommends!

The Beach Pantry is Here for You! banner

On Friday, April 3, the ASI Beach Pantry hosted a drive-thru pop-up for students in need of groceries during these stressful times. Shortly after opening registration, the pop-up reached its service capacity, and while many students were able to receive fresh food, others were unable to participate. If you’re one of those students know that ASI will continue hosting pop-ups throughout the semester to assist students in need.

Quiz: Tell Us What You’re Doing With Your Free-time and We’ll Give You A Show to Watch banner

How you spend your free-time, especially during quarantine, can say a lot about you. Are you a person who likes doing creative activities or someone who values physical rest and relaxation? Take this quiz and we’ll guess which type of person you are and give you a wind down TV show that correlates to your interests!

Coronavirus Chronicles: 5 Habits for A Productive Quarantine banner

Hello there! Welcome to an article full of the best tips and tricks to have the most productive quarantine possible! This week’s top 5 things are all about stress reduction and getting to a calm headspace. Check them out below.