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Hungry? Here's Where to Find Student-Budget-Friendly Meals

Published: Friday, 4 November 2022

Written by Ciara Evans, ASI Communications Student Assistant

No one warned me that, as an adult, I was going to spend most of my time and energy figuring out what to eat. From budgeting my money responsibly, figuring out which grocery store is the cheapest, planning my meals and learning how to cook, a big portion of adulthood is ALL. ABOUT. FOOD.

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If you can share in my struggle, know that there is hope for you! Listed down below are all the food options on campus, ASI food-related resources and amazingly cheap options near Long Beach State University (LBSU).

On Campus Food Options:

ASI’s University Student Union provides the majority of restaurants on campus with El Pollo Loco, Subway, Burger King, Sbarro, Coffee Bean, and Robeks. Visit the USU page for more information.

On the south side of campus next to the College of Engineering sits a fan favorite! Visit the Outpost Grill page for more information.

Whether you want to study or get a quick pre/post workout meal, this is a great option. Visit the Shake Smart page for more information.

In collaboration with the 49er Shops, ASI has secured partnership with various food truck vendors to offer diverse and delicious goodies throughout the week. Check out Curbside Bites to discover all the available food truck vendors.

If you’re looking for a quick snackie, LBSU provides a plethora of convenient stores that will provide you with something small to last you until your next class. Visit the Convenience Stores page for more information.

Although it has not opened back up yet, I wanted to take this time to announce that The Nugget Pub and Grill is coming back! Keep an eye out for their opening date and time this upcoming year.

ASI Food-Related Resources:

ASI has teamed up with FarmersFridge to bring fresh and healthy meals for you to enjoy on the go. Go check out our new fresh food option located in the Language Arts (LA) buildings by the plethora of vending machines near LA150. Visit the FarmersFridge page for more information.

ASI has partnered with local vendors to bring you fresh food to campus weekly. From fruit to empanadas, you can find your next meal here! EBT, SNAP, and WIC IS accepted so make sure you’re taking advantage of this valuable resource until Dec. 6. Visit the Farmers Market page for more information.

The Beach Pantry is a great ASI resource for students who find themselves in a pinch and unable to afford food for the week. Providing non-perishable food items for any student in need, the Beach Pantry has FREE groceries! Visit the Beach Pantry page for more information.

If you want to learn how to cook and earn a lesson about nutrition while engaging with your community, then you should definitely check out the Beach Kitchen! Visit the Beach Kitchen page for more information.

After doing some research both on and off-line, here are some of the best student-budget-friendly small businesses that offer food for $12 and under:

Starting off strong with this new taco stand on Clark and Atherton, the line proves how delicious this food is. For students, this might be the most affordable place to fill you up while balling on a budget. The reviews say you HAVE to try Tacos Lionydas’ $2 tacos, $5 32-ounce drinks and free condiments. Visit the Tacos Lionydas page for more information.

If you’ve ever watched a Mukbang and craved those incredible corn dogs, then this place is perfect for you. With the most expensive option priced at $7.99, these monster corn dogs are not only affordable but extraordinarily filling, to say the least. One Zo/Myungrang Hot Dogs is terrific if you’re looking for something deliciously new. Visit the One Zo/Myungrang Hotdog page for more information.

Sandwiches are a staple food around the world and Banh Mi might very well be at the top, winning best sandwiches in the world. This delicious and reasonable priced Vietnamese spot is to die for. For $8.50 and under, Ban Mi – Cypress is perfect for someone looking to discover a culturally-rich Subway alternative. Visit the Banh Mi – Cypress page for more information.

One of the best places to fill your stomach while avoiding breaking bank, is Flamin Curry. This Indian restaurant is a great Long Beach secret. Offering tons of options for meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike, most of their choices are listed for $12 and under. You’ll definitely end up with a full stomach and leftovers after eating here. Visit the Flamin Curry page for more information.

Being an adult is already difficult as it is and there’s not always enough time to worry about fueling our bodies. Hopefully, you will be able to discover a new place to grab your next meal while relieving any food-related stress in the process!