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Are you looking for to make new friends, play games or unwind? Perfect! You should attend one of ASI’s virtual events, odds are we’ve got just the thing for your interests.

SB 493 and Sex Equity


The Role of Students

In April, the Associated Students Lobby Corps had the opportunity to lobby alongside equal rights advocates and co-sponsors of SB 493 to a staffer of Assemblymember Robert Rivas asking for his support. The hard work of students, professors and activists across the state paid off as Governor Gavin Newsom finally approved the bill on September 29


Q&A with WGEC on Campus

As Election Day approaches, voter education is essential for civic engagement. This week, ASI is focusing on the importance of the feminist and LGBTQ+ movements and how they relate to the upcoming election.

resources for Women and LGBTQ+ Students

In honor of our gender and LGBTQ+ issues week, the Lobby Corps has compiled a list of resources and support services that CSULB offers for students.

Keep Calm and Wellness On

Beat Zoom fatigue with a much-needed distraction, a week focused on health and wellness at The Beach! Say “yes” to a productivity detox and mark your calendars for a little rest and relaxation from Oct.12 to Oct.16.

Climate Change is on the Ballot


Climate change is the greatest threat to the world as we know it. According to NASA scientists, the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is currently up 414 parts per million, the highest rate of carbon dioxide seen in over 650,000 years. NASA also released information stating that Earth has lost 12.85% of its Arctic ice every decade since 1981 and 427 gigatons of Arctic ice sheet every year. According to the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES), over the next several decades, droughts in the United States will worsen to catastrophic levels, posing a serious threat to our agriculture, energy systems, water supply and fire management capacities.

Fall in Long Beach

The world remains virtual, but that doesn't mean your real-life fun has to stay on pause. Fall is a time for new beginnings, different courses and fresh ideas. As a city known for its trends and innovation, Long Beach is adjusting and evolving to bring you fall as it's never been seen before. With social distancing protocols and mask-wearing, you can still be active in the community.

Overcoming Voter Inequity

This year there are two propositions on California’s ballot meant to target voter inequity. Proposition 17, which guarantees the right to vote for people on parole for felony convictions, and Proposition 19, which allows 17-year-olds to vote in primaries if they will be 18 by the time of the general election.

Productivity Breaks

Not everything we do in a day has to be productive. I find the greatest joy when I put down my planner, close my to-do list app, push my iPhone aside and sit down on the couch next to a pile of magazines. My mind gets lost in the articles and ventures to unknown places without a worry in the world.