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July/June 2020
Instructional classes title with session 1 and session 2 dates

Instructional classes at the Student Recreation & Wellness Center (SRWC) are specialized fitness classes taught by professionals in the industry who usually have more training and certifications than off-campus instructors. These classes are reduced to a limited number of participants to create an environment that facilitates individual learning and one-on-one instruction. This semester, classes will include TRX-MIX, Total Body Shred, Boxing 101, Muay Thai, Lyft with Lydia and Pilates Reformer.

Well being week Banner

Feeling overwhelmed this semester? It’s okay – we all are. The good news is, ASI has solutions.

Make a Difference – Register to Vote banner

Every year, your student government works tirelessly to promote student voices on campus and abroad. Thanks to the Lobby Corps, a sub-committee of the Associated Students Senate, this goal is well within reach.

Dave’s Declassified Internship Season Survival Guide banner

There comes a time in every student’s life when they must ask themselves, “Is it time for me to start an internship?” If you find yourself in this conundrum, you’ve come to the right place.

Coffee With The Candidates Banner

ASI Elections are right around the corner, and this year’s candidates are as promising as ever. Before you cast your vote on March 18-20, be sure to read this short guide and get to know your future executive branch!.

Must Knows for the 2018 Election banner

Looking for a way to celebrate the holidays while staying close to Long Beach? Lucky for you, our city is home to a wide range of events that span the entire season, and ASI is here to give you the details.

5 Ways to De-stress During Finals Week banner

Hi there! Logan Cross, here. You may have seen my face on some of the posters around the USU and SRWC or hosting a few episodes of Beach Week and/or ASFit. Then again, you may have not. Regardless, that’s my face in the graphic above!

Must Knows for the 2018 Election banner

The election is finally upon us, Long Beach State, and with five ballot measures, 12 propositions and dozens of candidates on the ballot, ASI is here to make your voting experience as easy as possible.

Register to Vote – Beat Cal State Fullerton banner

As our nation's youth, we have the future in our hands. I cannot fully express in words how important it is that all students at Long Beach State register and participate in our local, state and national elections. To facilitate this process, ASI has recommitted ourselves to amplifying our voter registration efforts.