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ASI Exec Officer Recommendations: Open Your Mind and Feed Your Soul

Published: Friday, 3 April 2020

In times like these the best thing to do is sit back, relax and stay healthy. Being at home comes with its downfalls for sure but the perks are off the charts. One of them being unlimited time to search for movie titles and take time for yourself.

A title that may peak your interest is Food, Inc. a recommended “must-watch” flick by our Associated Students, Incorporated (ASI), Vice President Leen Almahdi. The picture shows the behind-the-scenes processes involved in national agribusiness and debunks popular food myths.

The film portrays the impact of food production on the national environment and how education on its creation can help us as consumers make better choices to benefit ourselves and the planet.

“A documentary like this is eye-opening and shows us that what we choose to eat is important on a health and ethical standpoint,” Almahdi said.

As a nutrition major Almahdi encourages watching this informative piece about the way we view our food to allow deep thought and revelation about how our choices affect the world around us.

Take a closer look at Food, Inc. on the Netflix streaming service or on the YouTube website.

ASI Executive Recommendations will be an ongoing series aimed at allowing the student body to get to know their ASI executive officers. Please feel free to email topic ideas to