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ASI Recommends: Hobbies

Published: Friday, 18 June 2021

Written by Alicia Casey

Take some personal time this summer to discover what you love. Start by trying out some new pastime activities to make those hot sunny days a little more exciting. Check out our ASI hobby recommendations below. What will you try next?

Hiking Hobbies poster

Hiking: "I enjoy hiking because it's a scenic exercise. I'm always discovering new views, people, plants, pets while getting and staying in shape. Be sure to stretch, hydrate, dress light and keep cool!" – Graphic Designer, Maximiliano Mauricio. Get into hiking by joining the Student Recreation and Wellness Center's (SRWC) Summer Hiking Challenge.

ReadingHobbies poster

Reading: "It helps me escape into new worlds and learn new things in a relaxing manner. Plus, it keeps me up-to-date with all the cool movies coming out because there’s always film adaptations!" – USU Building Manger, Alexi Reed. Find your next literary escape with our ASI Recommends: Books – Our Must Reads Article.

Journaling Hobbies poster

Journaling: "I can practice a quick check-in with myself and process any thoughts or emotions that may come up, especially when the stress of life and school picks up.” – Photographer, Fabian Rubio. Start a bullet journal today with a step-by-step tutorial video from Beach Pride Events.

Making Playlist Hobbies poster

Making Playlists: "Getting out and exploring the coast to a personalized soundtrack that I created is exciting and endlessly freeing.” – Communications Assistant, Alicia Casey. Look through our ASI Recommends: Music - Our Top Picks article to find your next favorite playlist for a scenic drive.

Spin Class Hobbies poster

Spin Class: "It is an overall inclusive activity that you can do with friends guaranteeing fun and a little bit of challenge, plus the instructor's motivating playlist makes you want to dance." – USU Building Manager, Charlene Chhom. Sign-up for an outdoor class at the SRWC. Check out the fitness calendar and reserve a time slot on the SRWC Go app.

Summer is what you make it, make the most of the season by testing out a new hobby. Don’t wait, put on your running shoes, pack some snacks and get yourself started on something new. Have some fun, stay safe and Go Beach!