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Published: Friday, 15 April 2022

Written by Alicia Casey, ASI Communications Assistant

Springtime is perfect for trying new things. It is the season of new beginners and fresh starts. Why not try your hand at something new this semester? Maybe there is a hobby you are waiting to test out. And you are in luck! The University Student Union (USU) is full of departments that cater to specific interests. Whether you are into writing, event planning, or another thing altogether, there is a place for you.

For all the writers, filmmakers, and radio enthusiasts out there, check out 22 West Media. Housed in USU 108 and USU 110, this student-run media agency plans, creates, and produces various content catered to the student population. It has three divisions: 22 West Media Magazine, Video and Radio. If you are into creative writing, videography, or broadcasting, join today.

Is event planning more your thing? You may be looking for a hobby that gets you more involved with campus programs. In this case, Beach Pride Events in USU 239 is the prime department for the happenings at the university. Being a member of this team is a terrific opportunity to connect with other students and get an inside look at the backend of the events you see posted around campus.

We have covered media and events, but you could be searching for a more service-based initiative. If this, is you, the Beach Pantry is the spot where you will feel most welcome. The Beach Pantry, located in USU 116, serves as the campus food hub for students. It offers a varied list of grocery, hygiene, and school items each week for students to pick up, free of cost. Volunteers assist with making essential to-go bags, stocking the shelves and checking in student guests.

Aside from the exciting opportunities already mentioned, there is a hands-on environmental service program. Found in USU 238, Sustain U is a department that brings sustainability awareness to the campus community. Throughout the course of the year, it hosts workshops that teach students how to live more environmentally conscious lives. In Sustain U, student volunteers help with events, gardening and green initiatives for the university.

Interested in one of the volunteer opportunities within Associated Students, Inc. (ASI)? We are open to adding new volunteer team members! To apply for all volunteer opportunities, visit asicsulb.org/involve. For more information on the USU’s services, departments and programs, visit asicsulb.org/usu.