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LBSU’s Best Graduation Photo Spots

Published: Friday, 29 April 2022

Written by Alicia Casey, ASI Communications Assistant

Hey there graduates! It's your trusty Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) campus guide here. Are you ready to get the inside scoop into some top-notch photo spots at the university? We hope the answer was yes because we have a list of ready-to-go places perfect for your graduation photoshoot. What are you waiting for? Grab your caps and gowns and check out the locations below right now!

1. California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) Signs

Start off your graduation scrapbook with shots of you beside the official university name! On the campus map, there are three spots with “CSULB” signs that have the official CSU insignia. Head on over to the university's entrances on Beach Drive (off of North Bellflower Boulevard), Merriam Way (off of East Atherton Street), and on the corner of E 7th Street and West Campus Drive. And for an extra aesthetic signage location, go to South Campus Drive on the side of the Education 2 Building to capture shots by the museum-worthy CSULB sign made of ivy.

2. Carolyn Campagna Kleefeld Contemporary Art Museum

Feeling artsy? We thought so! This brand new on-campus sweet spot is the perfect location to get those abstract and creative photos you were looking for. Take naturally beautiful and eye-catching photos in front of the building and around the outdoor areas. Make sure to check out the @thekleefeld Instagram account to get some ideas for when you grace the halls with your graduation photoshoot style.

3. Japanese Garden

Celebrate your milestone with the backdrop of nature. It’s springtime in California and that means blossoms! Think pastels, neutral hues and earthy tones. Bring your best faraway looks and flowy outfits for a photoshoot with star-studded appearances by streams, birds, koi fish and trees. And take a peek at the location before you shoot! Head to the @csulbjapanesegarden Instagram account to find some fresh inspiration for your one-of-a-kind photos.

4. Walter Pyramid

As Long Beach State University (LBSU) students, we are anything but square. In fact, if we had to name it, we probably would be something fun and outgoing like a pyramid! That’s right, a great photo spot that captures the true heart of the university is the Walter Pyramid itself. Not only is it a Long Beach landmark, but it’s located in a picturesque area surrounded by palm trees, bright tones, and of course, the arena steps we know all too well. See how past graduates have posed for photos on the “tagged” section of the @csulongbeach Instagram account.

5. GO BEACH Letters

We can “C” you taking photos by the GO BEACH letters. “C” what we did there? If you did not already know, the “C” in the larger-than-life art piece is a staple photo spot for many LBSU students past and present. That’s why it’s a more than ideal place to take some graduation photos. Whether you sit straight in a letter, or strike a pose in front of one, there is a photo spot just waiting to make your acquaintance. “C” the location on the LBSU interactive campus map and check out its potential.

6. Lyman Lough Fountain at Brotman Hall

Neighboring the GO BEACH letters right outside of Brotman Hall is the beautiful Lyman Lough Fountain (AKA the molecule fountain) that is a student favorite during graduation season. Bring your brightest clothing items and freshest smiles and take photos with a dynamic background. Let the misty air cool you down as you pose and play around with the different angle options in this location. For an extra special shot, bring some sunglasses. If you’re aiming for some beachy photos, this is the best spot to get them in, other than the actual beach of course!

7. University Student Union (USU) North Lawn

Friend to friend, have you considered taking photos at the USU North Lawn? Here, you will find the iconic friendship walk that is heavily talked about during all campus orientations. Take some shots of you and your bestie; AKA your diploma, going up and down the walkway. We know you will get some great action shots here. And to add more, you can also pose in front of the USU entryway, on the grassy mini hillsides alongside the steps, or on the steps themselves.

Planning to have a photoshoot sometime soon? We want to support you. Tag @csulbasi for a chance to be featured on our Instagram page. Congratulations to you and may your photoshoots be stress-free, enjoyable and most of all, may they have great lighting.