What is Beach Team?

Elections 2019: Info Sessions

Elections Informational Sessions

To learn more about the 2019 ASI Elections process and candidate requirements, attend an Info Session! Attending an Info Session is highly encouraged.

Date Location Time
Thu, Jan 31 USU-303 12-1PM or 5-6PM
Tue, Feb 5 USU-303 12-1PM
Wed, Feb 6 USU-205 12-1PM or 5-6PM
Mon, Feb 11 USU-305 5-6PM

Keeping Sstudents First

The Associated Students Government Envisions

A student body engaged with the Associated Students and its programs, services and facilities.

Student representatives who actively seek the opinions, concerns, and participation of all students at California State University, Long Beach.

A student electorate who expects its representatives to take a student-centered approach using creative tactics to communicate with students on a face-to-face basis.