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July/June 2020
Your USU Student Fees At Work
Your USU Student Fees At Work

Published: Monday, 11 February 2019

What’s one of the ways you can see your student fees at work? Take a quick look around the USU!

Over the fall semester and the winter break, the USU facilities and maintenance team have been working hard to bring your USU up-to-date. This includes installing light emitting diode (LED) bulbs, building all-gender restrooms and working with contractors to finish repairing the escalator by the end of the semester.

“I think these updates to the USU are important to students because it truly exemplifies ASI’s mission: to advocate for student needs and resources,” said Maritess Anne Inieto, the chairperson of the USU Board of Trustees. “These changes are all for the students!”

Many of the changes made to the USU match ASI’s desire to move toward a more safe, sustainable and inclusive future.

By replacing the incandescent lights with LED bulbs, we’re using less energy to keep the USU brightly lit especially for students here in the evenings. The repairs completed on the escalator ensure getting to upper campus is smooth and stair-free. And the newly-built all-gender restrooms and foot washing stations, which will open in late-spring, will be among the first of their kind on campus and will provide a safe and inclusive space for all students to use.

“Safety and inclusion are our top priority when it comes to making any changes, additions or improvements to the facility,” said Inieto. “It’s important that ASI not only talk about inclusivity, but also show our students what it means to us. We’re doing so by finding more ways to make the USU, and all of ASI’s facilities for that matter, more inclusive of our diverse and eclectic student body.”