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Resources For Your Wellness

Published: Tuesday, 9 June 2020


If you’re feeling overwhelmed, remember that you’re not alone. It’s normal for stress and anxiety to rise in times such as these, but you can stay healthy and motivated with the help of these community resources.

Community Healing Resources on Instagram:
@YOUatCSULB - This is your confidential space to own your well-being; from mental and physical health, to friendships and finding balance
@healingwhileblack - Blaqueer mental health
@browngirlselfcare - Daily self care for Black women
@itspeaceamadi - Mindset, motivation, mental health
@transparentblackgirl - Breaking wellness stigmas for Black women
@transparentblackguy - Healing platform for Black men
@thenapministry - Rest as a form of resistance and reparations
@ogorchukwuu - Decolonizing wellness; healing from racial trauma
@heyalinaalive - Holistic nutrition and wellness
@dr.thema - Minister and psychologist; host of The Homecoming Podcast
@blackgirlswithgardens - Multicultural home and garden resource
@foodandpsych - Psychology, brain health, nutritional psychology - A platform designed to increase Black communities' access to health information.
@diveinwell - Cultivating space, community, conversations and change
@nedtrataweb - Therapist; boundaries expert
@itsmechrisjohnson - Yoga, Reiki, Meditation + Sound Healing for BIPOC
@thatschelsea - Chelsea Williams; plant-based nutrition, natural beauty and holistic wellness
@drebonyonline - Dr. Ebony; licensed psychologist, food relationship strategist
Other Resources Guides: