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March/April 2020
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Welcome to the New & Improved BeachSync

This summer CSULB’s Division of Student Affairs (the division of the university in charge of campus life and the maintenance of BeachSync) worked to roll out a new, more mobile-friendly version of BeachSync. For those unfamiliar, BeachSync is a web-based system built to act as the online community for campus life and student involvement. It allows student organizations to track and maintain their members, host and track event attendance, create online forms and documents, and a slew of other features. For the general student, BeachSync serves as a place where they can browse for upcoming community service events or find an organization that best suits their interests. BeachSync makes it easy for students to subscribe to content they want and save events to attend in the future.

The New Login Screen

The New Login Screen

Department & Org. Info and Events

Department & Org. Info and Events

Getting started is easy and simple. Students can log in by visiting the university’s Single Sign-On page and clicking the BeachSync icon. Or by visiting where they will be directed straight to the Campus Labs portal.

For student organizations, it’s important that they re-register their account by following these simple steps.

  1. Signing onto your account through Single Sign-On
  2. Selecting the student organization you would like to update under the ‘My Memberships’ section of your Homepage
  3. Selecting ‘Manage Organizations’ at the top right of the page you would like to re-register
  4. Selecting ‘Re-Register This Organization’
  5. Filling out all contact and required info
  6. Selecting a fitting profile photo
  7. And submitting for approval!

This data migration was done by Campus Labs, a campus partner who recently purchased OrgSync. OrgSync had been the operator of BeachSync since 2011. Campus Labs is an industry leader in working to connect students and services on a variety of campuses. If you are having trouble registering or have any BeachSync questions, do not hesitate to reach out to Director of Student Life & Development Dr. Trace Camacho at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..