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July/June 2020
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Ballot Bowl 2018

Getting college students involved in civil engagement can be difficult at times, but this year ASI is making the extra push! This past Friday, Sept. 14, California Secretary of State Alex Padilla partnered with ASI President Genesis Jara and LBSU President Jane Close Conoley to discuss student participation, civic engagement and strategies that will lead students to get involved in the November elections.

“It went really well in terms of having a very productive and engaging conversation about our voter registration efforts,” said President Jara. “The signing of the memorandum of understanding (MOU) was very beneficial. In short, the MOU was a commitment between ASI, the university and the Office of the Secretary of State to embrace unique and inclusive voter registration initiatives. This long term agreement makes it so that years down the line, the state will still be in partnership with the university and ASI in terms of getting more students engaged.”

The MOU also pledged that the three bodies will make concentrated efforts toward increasing student voter turnout in the upcoming election on Nov. 6 and beyond. On behalf of ASI, President Jara pledged to participate in the “College Ballot Bowl” as well as host a series of voter registration drives between now and the Oct. 22, the voter registration deadline for the state of California.

“In addition to tabling once a week for voter registration, what we want to see happen is more of that educational piece,” said Jara. “Now it’s not only about registering students but also about what they are informed about in regards to particular candidates and measures.”

For more info about registering to vote, or to learn more about ASI Lobby Corps visit our website at