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July/June 2020

Coronavirus Chronicles: Free Online Activities to Pass Time banner

Coronavirus Chronicles: Free Online Activities to Pass Time

Published: Tuesday, 12 May 2020

At times looking for things to watch or do online can take the fun out of a work break. Instead of tiring yourself out searching for the perfect video or activity, check out this carefully picked list made just for busy students like you.

Below you’ll find topics ranging from virtual tours and interactive videos to leisure games. Enjoy the following recommendations!

American Museum Tours

  • Visit the American Museum of Natural History: The well-known New York attraction is hosting virtual walkthroughs and events to keep you learning during your downtime.
  • Have a Night at the Smithsonian: This Museum was featured in the famous movie franchise, “Night at The Museum: Battle of The Smithsonian” starring Ben Stiller. Have a look at all the exhibits for yourself in this immersive online tour.

Virtual Vacations

  • Take a Virtual Trip to Disneyland: On the YouTube Channel, Virtual Disney World you can take a virtual tour around Disneyland and try out your favorite rides.
  • Go to the Louvre from your Living Room: On a normal basis, it can take months to get a ticket to the Louvre Museum in Paris. Consider yourself lucky to get a first-hand virtual tour, free-of-charge and right-at-your fingertips!

Dive into Science & Nature

  • Fly High with NASA’s tour: The world-renowned space center is offering a sleuth of online experiences including a tour of their Glenn Research Center.
  • Hang out with Animal Friends: Head over to the Explore Dogs YouTube Channel for 24/7 livestreams of puppies doing the cute things that they do. Make it the happiest part of your day.
  • Explore Nature from Home: Check out the Explore Nature YouTube Channel for daily livestreams of animals and natural phenomena like coral reefs, sunsets and the northern lights!

Check out our recommendations today and let yourself be free, be loose and be relaxed!