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Sit back and Relax with these Calming Apps

Sit back and Relax with these Calming Apps

Published: Monday, 21 September 2020

It’s time to bring the fun and relaxation back into session! Take a break from your busy day of zoom lectures, discussion posts and emails to let your mind unwind and refresh. With these wellness apps, you’ll be at ease in your workspace in no time.


  1. Oak: Access relaxation playlists and learn new breathing techniques for stress-relief
  2. Brainy Quote: Get inspiration from your favorite authors, movie stars and more
  3. Solitaire: Treat yourself with a low-key and quiet game of cards, anytime and anywhere
  4. UCLA Mindful: Connect with free meditation courses in English or Spanish every hour of the day


Don’t wait, explore our app picks above! Make now the moment you say “yes” to mental rest and rejuvenation.