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Keep Calm and Wellness On

Keep Calm and Wellness On 

Published: Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Beat Zoom fatigue with a much-needed distraction, a week focused on health and wellness at The Beach! Say “yes” to a productivity detox and mark your calendars for a little rest and relaxation from Oct.12 to Oct.18.

Get ready for a week of unwinding. Close your BeachBoard tabs, play some background music and pop into a wellness session. And don’t worry, there’s a program for everyone.

Looking to space-out and chillout? You should attend a guided meditation meeting. Tired of your usual recipes? You’re not alone, it’s about time you tried something new, you should go to a meal prep 101 session. Wanting to get out of your funk but don’t know where to go? That’s easy, a wellness workshop is calling your name!

For the full schedule, download the PDF here, or check out the list below for each day of wellness.

  • Meet Avery The Police Dog 10AM to 11AM, Zoom ID: 98722756526 PW: 180337
  • Flu Shot Clinic (Drive Thru) 10AM to 2PM, parking lot G1 (across from SHS next to nursing building)
  • Not Alone @ The Beach: Ask the Advocate Lunch 12PM to 1PM, Zoom ID: 96465376924 PW: 425794
  • Saying “No” to Protect Your Wellness 2PM to 4:40PM, Zoom ID: 99877267742 PW: 328402
  • Meal Prep 101: Lunch Recipes 4PM to 5PM, Zoom ID: 91871131405 PW: Fall2020
  • Trivia Tuesday: Wellness Edition 6PM to 7PM, Zoom ID: 96532934175
  • Wellness Lecture (SRWC) from 4 to 5 PM Zoom ID: 93956811513 Passcode: Fall2020
  • Keep Calm & Career On 12:15PM to 12:45PM, Zoom ID: 99360904364
  • Self-Care Strategies with Exercise is Medicine on Campus (EIMOC) 12:30PM to 1:30PM, Zoom ID: 95089658451
  • Join Us for Bingo Fun 2PM to 3PM, Zoom ID: 93072748986 PW:869745
  • COVID-19 Campus Update with LBSU Experts 4PM to 5PM, Zoom ID: 97917820926
  • ECHALE GANAS! 4PM to 5PM, Zoom ID: 99462906621
  • Beach 911 Trivia 11AM to 12PM, Zoom ID: 94784662936 PW: 8675309
  • CARES at The Beach Presentation 1PM to 2PM, Zoom ID: 93926088309
  • Happy Hour: Getting Your Mindfulness On 4PM to 5PM, Zoom ID: 99360904364 PW: Breathe
  • Virtual Zumba Jam 6PM to 8PM, Zoom ID: 83003315337 PW: dance
  • Mental Health Colloquium Presented by EIMOC 6PM to 8PM, Zoom ID: 93926088309
  • Interview with a Registered Dietitian: Reducing Food Waste 11AM, IG Live @csulbshs
  • ASI Beach Pantry Pop-up closed this Friday, click here for updates

Although this week is all about health and wellness, throughout the schoolyear ASI and Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) have ongoing programs to help you find your best self. Check out their websites for more information!