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Resources for the Black and Pan-African Student Community

Resources for the Black and Pan-African Student Community

Published: Monday, 26 October 2020

Pan-African Student Cultural Resource Center
This resource center offers a safe space to support Black and African students, staff and faculty members. The Pan-African Student Cultural Resource Center aims to maintain and ensure support for the cultural growth of the Black and African community at the Beach.

SisterFriends: An African American Women’s Support Group
SisterFriends, founded in 1994 by Pamela Ashe, is a supportive networking group for Black women at Long Beach State (LBSU). This group offers a confidential environment for Black women to share their experiences and address issues faced by Black and African women.

Black Faculty and Staff Community
The Black Faculty and Staff Community (BFAS) at LBSU aims to build a strong community among Black professionals at the Beach in order to create networking opportunities and support Black student success. The BFAS also hosts the LBSU Black Alumni Scholarship Gala in support of students.

#ScholarStrike at the Beach
This past September, many LBSU faculty and students engaged in a scholar strike by pausing classes and administrative duties on September 8 and 9. The #ScholarStrike offered an educational opportunity to focus on anti-racism and to engage topics, such as “racial violence, policing and community organizing.” Check out the compilation of films, videos, podcasts, books and articles that address anti-racism.

Some resources #ScholarStrike highlighted are:

  • The Loveland Foundation, established in 2018 by Rachel Cargle, offers free therapy support for Black women and girls. The foundation aims to bring opportunities, healing, empowerment and liberation to communities of color. The Loveland Foundation also contributes stipends to the Black Girl Doctor, another resource that offers therapy services to Black professionals.
  • The Institute of the Black World 21st Century, established in 2001, aims to be a conducive resource for capacity-building and empowering Black organizations and communities. The organization also offers the Community Cares Listening Line, a free support service for first responders and essential workers.

Scholarship Opportunities
GE/LNESC National Scholarship, established in 1973, awards scholarships to students enrolled as business or engineering majors. The Charles Shelton Veterinarian Medicine/Technology Scholarship awards scholarships to students enrolled in a veterinary program. The National Black Nurses Association offers several scholarship opportunities for students enrolled in a nursing program.

Your Vote Matters!

The 2020 Election draws nearer every day, and we want to remind those able to vote to do so on or before November 3 via mail-in ballot or in-person. For more voter information visit and

This article was written as a part of the ASI Student Government advocacy series by Sumaiyah Hossain, a third-year student at LBSU majoring in English literature and serving as Lobby Corps Student-At-Large.