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Get Active and Win Free Tuition

Published: Monday, 23 September 2019

Whether you use the Student Recreation & Wellness Center (SRWC) to lose weight, gain mass, get tips from Beach Balance, or relax at the spa, you can turn your visits into free tuition by maintaining consistency at the SRWC. Become a participant in Owen’s Condition for Tuition to push yourself, win prizes, and most importantly – stay motivated at the gym!

Owen’s Condition for Tuition, a scholarship opportunity that promotes wellness and a healthy lifestyle, is made possible by the generosity of the Owen family. Years ago, Josh Owen donated the funds that make Owen’s Condition for Tuition possible because of his desire to promote health among the students of Long Beach State. His family now carries on his legacy, and his impact is still felt at The Beach.

So why should you participate? Member Services and Outreach Coordinator Leiana Swanson answered, “Why not? There’s much more to it than just the grand prize,” she explained. “This is a chance for you to achieve a healthy lifestyle, socialize, learn about your body and win small prizes along the way. You can only gain from participating!”

All it takes to enter into the Owen’s scholarship drawing is 50 sessions at the SRWC. Come for 30 minutes, enjoy the facility and log your session at the biometrics scanner at the front desk for a maximum of five times per week, and you just might be this year’s big winner! Those who don’t win the grand prize are still likely to win water bottles, duffle bags, headphones and more amazing giveaways.

“Student’s lives have been changed from this program,” Leiana said. “Not just from the free tuition, but from the healthy habits they develop here at the SRWC – and that opportunity is open to all students.”

To learn more about how you can enter into Owen’s Condition for Tuition, click here.