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If you would like more information or have questions about any of the volunteer opportunities, please email ASI-Volunteers@csulb.edu . Volunteer applications for 2022-2023 academic year will open on July 1, 2022.

If you are interested in getting involved in student government, please visit https://www.asicsulb.org/gov/ or contact asi-studentgovernment@csulb.edu.

Beach Team
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Beach Team

Beach Team is an introduction to ASI and Student Government at CSULB and we are dedicated to providing leadership opportunities to all interested students. Our goal is to instill the values and practices of student government while promoting outreach, involvement in campus events, teamwork and giving students the tools needed for advancement in ASI. Beach Team is a fall semester only program, so don’t wait, get involved today!

    Some exciting Beach Team activities include:
  • Mentoring with student government leaders in various branches
  • Receive leadership training
  • Helping to support ASI elections
  • Coordinating and executing events with Beach Pride Events
  • Opportunities to work with other programs under ASI, such as Beach Pride Events, 22 West Media, ASI Communications and more
For more information on Beach Team, contact asi-studentgovernment@csulb.edu .


Beach Pantry
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Beach Pantry

The ASI Beach Pantry opened its doors in August 2016 to provide food to CSULB students who are food insecure. The ASI Beach Pantry serves on average between 250-300 students per day. Volunteers work in coordination with ASI Beach Pantry student assistants and full-time staff to stock shelves with pantry items and pick-up donations within the campus. Volunteers also assist with outreach efforts at key events through tabling. For general information about the ASI Beach Pantry, visit here .

Beach Pride Events
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Beach Pride Events

Beach Pride Events operates as the event and entertainment programming department of Associated Students, Inc. (ASI). They are charged with developing, creating and implementing student-focused events to support ASI, the University Student Union (USU) and the ASI president’s programming vision. The events produced by Beach Pride Events encompass visual and performing arts, films, lectures, social events, comedy and novelty acts, all of which are diverse, entertaining and educational. Some of these major events include Week of Welcome, Smorgasport, the ASI Big Event, and speaker series “An Evening With”.

Beach Pride Events volunteers are exposed to and trained in all facets of event planning and programming, including program development, budgeting, marketing, event management and program evaluation! There are two volunteer opportunities within Beach Pride Events: (1) general event volunteer, and (2) student representative board member. Student representative board members serve for one academic year term as voting members on the board and are responsible for reviewing and approving allocation of event budgets, selection of programs, and planning of Beach Pride Events programs in coordination with staff.

For general information about Beach Pride Events, visit asicsulb.org/beachpride or email ASI-BeachPride@csulb.edu

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Isabel Patterson Child Development Center

The mission and purpose of the Isabel Patterson Child Development Center (IPCDC) is to support student parent’s efforts to complete a college degree by providing high quality, affordable childcare. The IPCDC successfully establishes and delivers early care and development programs for infant, toddler preschool and school age children that help children achieve their full potential within the context of relationships based on respect, acceptance and trust. Volunteers for the IPCDC will work on specific projects to support the programs within the center.

For general information about the IPCDC, visit http://www.asicsulb.org/corporate/discover/child-development-center .

Street Team
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Street Team

The ASI Street Team works as a branch of ASI Communications and serves as the marketing team responsible for getting the word out to the campus community about ASI’s services and programs. Street Team members will gain experience in marketing and advertising via a variety of methods: tabling, distributing printed materials on campus, preparing weekly newsletters and updating digital signage.

Graphic Design
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Graphic Design

Graphic design interns work in coordination with ASI Communications (ASI Comm) graphic design staff. Successful design volunteers and interns complete their tenure with ASI Comm prepared for several real-world aspects of design and marketing; from the initial client consultation, executing a design concept, and preparing marketing materials for print, web, and other digital media.

ASI Video Productions
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ASI Video Productions

Video productions volunteers work as a part of the ASI Communications (ASI Comm) Video Productions team which operate as the multimedia arm of ASI marketing and communication efforts. Successful volunteers are exposed to all areas of television production, including pre- and post-production. Typically, students are matched with their area of interest (i.e., hosting, camerawork, sound, writing or editing). For general information, visit their webpage at  www.asicsulb.org/newsreel to view their work.

Student Government
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Student Government

Associated Students Student Government is the official voice of the student body at Long Beach State University. The student government represents the student body, advocates for their needs, and defends their interests in dealings with faculty, campus administrators and government officials. There are many positions available in student government as described in the elected and non-elected student handbooks available at the top of the page. For current vacancies, please visit the student government webpage at www.asicsulb.org/gov/vacancies .

Sustain U
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Sustain U

Sustain U is an ad hoc committee organized under the University Student Union Board of Trustees (USUBOT) aimed at making sure all facilities managed under the USUBOT are sustainable and eco-friendly. The committee hosts bi-weekly open meetings. For more info, visit their webpage at www.asicsulb.org/sustainu .

22 West Media
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22 West Media

22 West Media is a digital media production company located on campus at Long Beach State. It is comprised of 22 West Radio, 22 West Video and 22 West Magazine. Offering all students opportunities for valuable media experience, class credit internships and paid jobs on staff. 22 West Media is a great place for anyone interested in working in media. The offices and studios are located on the first floor of the USU.

The ASI Media Advisory Committee is comprised of students, staff and industry professionals to advise 22 West Media in all their activities. Students looking to work in media management are encouraged to apply for a position on this volunteer committee. Applications are currently being accepted for the 2021-22 academic year.
Find out more at www.22westmedia.com.

BeachSync Team
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Student Orgs.

Didn’t find what you were looking to get involved with on this page? Not to worry. CSULB Student Life & Development also offers BeachSync, which serves as CSULB’s online social network and directory for all things student life. By visiting BeachSync.com, students can browse through more than 300 student run clubs and organizations offered at the Beach. From community service organizations, to fraternities, sororities and the anime club, BeachSync has it all. More info can be found at https://csulb.campuslabs.com/engage/.