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2018 Student Government Election Results

Long Beach, Calif. - After two weeks of campaigning and a two-months-long application process, the results for the 2018 ASI Student Government Elections were announced earlier today in the Dr. Stuart L. Farber Senate Chambers. For the executive offices, with over 4,200 students voting, Genesis Jara was elected president, Leen Almahdi was elected vice president and Aaron Whitehurst II was elected treasurer.

Picture of Genesis Jara

President-elect Genesis Jara

Jara 52.14%
Musman 47.86%

Picture of Leen Almahdi

Vice-President-elect Leen Almahdi

Almahdi 53.98%
Argent 46.02%

Picture of Aaron Whitehurst II

Treasurer-elect Aaron Whitehurst II

Whitehurst 60.68%
Krider 39.32%

This was the fourth highest turnout for student government elections since ASI started recording ballots electronically. For the complete list of election results, please visit the student government website at