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July/June 2020
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Coffee With The Candidates

Published: Tuesday, 12 March 2019

ASI Elections are right around the corner, and this year’s candidates are as promising as ever. Before you cast your vote on March 18-20, be sure to read this short guide and get to know your future executive branch!

This year we have two candidates running for ASI president: current chief justice, Lizbeth Velasquez, and incumbent Genesis Jara, the current ASI president. President Jara’s platform is centered on increased affordability, better advocacy for underrepresented students and improved accessibility for nontraditional students. Chief Justice Velasquez pledges to establish a legal clinic for students, set textbook standards, increase basic needs and lobby directly to legislators for solutions to students’ concerns.

Meet the Candidates Events
1 Wed, Mar 13 Coffee with the Candidates Friendship Walk Central 12pm - 1:30pm
2 Thur, Mar 14 Coffee with the Candidates Bookstore Vendor Area 11:30am - 1pm

Coffee, food and giveaways available while supplies last!

Both presidential candidates are running in tandem with an ASI vice presidential candidate. For Chief Justice Velasquez, Justin Contreras is her running mate. Contreras is a current Senator-at-Large with similar goals as Velasquez and a desire to increase communication between ASI officials and their constituents. President Jara is running with Vice President Almahdi for re-election, emphasizing affordability, advocacy and accessibility.

For the position of ASI treasurer, Dominick Martinez is working with Chief Justice Velasquez and Senator Contreras to secure the position, while Reyalyn Villegas is working with President Jara and Vice President Almahdi for the same goal. Both candidates have prior experience within ASI along with a desire to increase financial awareness and transparency across campus. Martinez is a lead building manager at the USU and boasts his ability to build meaningful relationships between ASI and student organizations. Villegas is the current chief government relations officer of ASI and vows to openly communicate with students and advocate for their financial needs if she is elected.

Aside from these six candidates, there are 23 candidates running for a variety of positions across ASI. Read the candidates’ platforms here, and don’t forget to attend the “meet the candidates” events Wednesday, March 13 and Thursday, March 14.

Go BEACH! And go vote on March 18-20!