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March/April 2020
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A Message from President Flores

As we’re getting settled into the new semester, you’ve likely been getting acquainted with campus life, classes, and new clubs and programs on campus. With all these things going on, my team and I just wanted to let you know that we want to hear from you.

Vice President Logan, Treasurer Giovanni, Chief of Staff Matt and I all have an open door policy when it comes to meeting with CSULB students. That means that all students should feel empowered to come in to our offices in USU-311 and schedule time to meet with us. We’re happy to answer any of your questions, hear suggestions and look into any concerns that you may have. And if we’re out of the office when you stop by, please always feel free to reach out to us as at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I pride myself in responding to emails within 24 hours!

Additionally, if you can’t make it to our offices – we’ll be doing our best to come to you. This year we’ll be continuing our predecessors Ask an Executive series, where ASI’s executive team travels around campus each month and holds a good ol’ fashioned town hall. The last one we held was Thursday, Sept. 15 right outside of the University Library. The topic was “Campus Climate” and we discussed jobs on campus, financial assistance, housing and the newly launched ASI Beach Pantry.

The next town hall will be held in front of the Student Recreation & Wellness Center on Oct. 20 where we will discuss the question “What Stands In your Way to Graduation?” And on Nov. 3 outside of the Maxson Plaza we will tackle the tough conversation about campus fees.

ASI cares about your voice and we can’t do our job without you – so please make your voice heard, attend our events and reach out! For more information about student government, check out our website at

Go Beach!